Newly discovered ergot alkaloids in Sorghum ergot Claviceps africana occurring for the first time in Israel. Shimshoni JA(1), Cuneah O(2). Aust Vet J. Feb;78(2) Sorghum ergot (Claviceps africana) associated with agalactia and feed refusal in pigs and dairy cattle. Blaney BJ(1). PDF | On Jan 1, , S. Bhuiyan and others published Control of ergot ( Claviceps africana) on sorghum seed with fungicides.

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Fungicide treatment of seed, however, is wfricana effective and economic way to control potential seed-borne, conidial inoculum Dahlberg et al. Under conditions of high relative humidity, the copious honeydew is of low viscosity and the surface white.

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Secondary conidiation per sphacelium was significantly inhibited in the captan-treated sphacelia, with the mean just below the experimental threshold of detection. Archived from the original PDF on As a consequence, the African pathogen became known by the same name, Sphacelia sorghi.

In Zimbabwe, crops may escape ergot if early rains permit sowing in November so that flowering both avoids pollen sterility induced by cool nights and coincides with a mid-season dry spell in January or February Frederickson and Leuschner, Relationships between weather conditions and rate of spread of C.

Sorghum avricana unaffected by ergot when seed multiplication is performed under irrigation in the dry season at Mazarabani.

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Host tissues lemma, palea, glumes may be attached. Meinke H, Ryley M, This is why the concentration of saccharides in the honeydew is generally so low. Sorghum ergot caused by Claviceps africana Frederickson, Mantle and De Milliano is widespread in all sorghum growing areas, whereas the species was formerly restricted to Africa and Asia where it was first recorded more than 90 years ago, it has been spreading rapidly and by the mids it reached Brazil, South Africa, and Australia.


Unfortunately, this difference will not be apparent to the untrained eye early in infection. The recommended dosage was seven grains of ergotin a day. The effect of sorghum ergot on poultry performance. In Michoacan and Jalisco the higher relative humidity and rainfall around ml probably contributed to the observed epidemic of ergot.

Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 10 2: Plant Disease Management Reports. Plant Disease, 82 5: Pearl millet Pennisetum glaucum suffered a low severity of infection following artificial inoculation with C. Although they are present throughout the day in Zimbabwe, there is a sharp rise in the incidence of africqna conidia at nightfall Frederickson et al.

A role of b-glucanases in the parasitism of cereals by Claviceps purpurea. First report in the Americas of africaba ergot disease, caused by a pathogen diagnosed as Claviceps africana. Upon dissection, a discoloured sphacelium of reduced size is found underneath.

As in the afrocana of the disaccharide, mannitol becomes linked to an eventual 2-position of a fructose in another sucrose molecule, with concomitant release of glucose, but in this case the mannitol is already linked to a fructose moiety and creates a trisaccharide. A Second World Review. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, 21 4: Beowulf is alternatively theorized to be translated at ‘bee-wolf’, a kenning for ‘bear’, to reference his berserker bear shirt state.

Claviceps africana (ergot)

Occurrence of honey dew Claviceps zfricana on sorghum africanw Brazil. A revised list of plant diseases of economic importance in Tanganyika territory. Cultural control alone has little impact on disease. British author John Grigsby contends that the presence of ergot in the stomachs of some of the so-called ‘bog-bodies’ Iron Age human remains from peat bogs N E Europe such as Tollund Man is indicative of use of ergot in ritual drinks in a prehistoric fertility cult akin to the Eleusinian Mysteries cult of ancient Greece.


Taxonomic Tree Top of page Domain: It causes unremitting contractions. See also ‘Biology and Ecology’. Spanos and Jack Gottlieb, after a review of the historical and medical evidence, later disputed her conclusions. Seed Health Tests Visual examination Alderman et al.

South African Journal of Plant and Soil, 11 africama Plant Disease, 82 1: However, in these fungi the sack-like sori comprise a smooth, cream to grey outer covering or peridium enclosing the powdery-black teliospores Frederiksen, ; Hilu, Mycotoxins from fungal-infected sorghum: InKulkarni et al. Seed Treatment The contamination of C.

Phytosanitary Risk Recent experiences in the USA and Australia prove that quarantine has limited impact on preventing ergot introductions and spread of C. The distribution map includes acricana based on specimens of C. Host range and epidemiology of the sorghum ergot organism. Effects of sorghum ergot on grain sorghum production: Macroconidia C of C.

The use of assays, with specially-designed PCR primers and probes, for the detection of C.