If you are still not getting it type “coci gljive” in google, then open the first pdf link. There will be other sample cases. That will help you to. GLJIVE statement is not very clear but in order means contiguous starting from first. Starting from first, keep adding next element and check its. · Initial Commit, 4 years ago. · Initial Commit , 4 years ago. · Initial Commit, 4 years ago. · Initial Commit.

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The view is that the prime responsibility for recruiting Post on Mar views. Economic Development Societal Development Environmental Stewardship – with a particular focus on safety of products, health issues, etc – with emphasis on topics of global, rather foci national, importance The Terms of Reference for COCI were reviewed in this context Action: Yes, as single point of contact.

In addition, contacts with other leadership on informal basis, for example by copying into correspondence. Summary of key areas for focus after ranking exercise, in decreasing order of importance 1.

Task :: Gljive-coci

Public perception of chemistry Translating g,jive for the public Database of the benefits of chemistry to society IUPAC project Database of best current initiatives, available materials IUPAC Task Team Need for change in academia, industry and government Need to address public fear of science and technology 3.

World Council for Sustainable Development China, India, developing world, as well as industrialized countries 4. Role in setting up debates Within scientific community Outside scientific community political arena see 3 above 6. Intellectual Property Rights Training for industrial and academic scientists 3. He favoured a project team-based model in which project leaders would be responsible gljjve implementation of project objectives.

The project leader might well involve other COCI members in the initiative. Progress with projects would be presented by each of the leaders at the annual meetings of COCI gljiev these presentations would make up a major part of the business of the meetings.


The group supported this model and noted the value with regard to identifying successors for the senior COCI posts. Whereas several volunteers had come forward as leaders of projects, it had not been possible to identify a Treasurer. Due date 29 Feb Four key questions were addressed: Where and how can companies become involved in these areas? An early task for the CA program would be to provide a more compelling brochure which indicated the benefits of CA membership.

Draft of each section of proposed brochure as below, to be completed by 9 Feb Fabienne: Statement of were not just the periodic table anymore Unger: Statement on influencing opportunities Cesa: Evans to contact Ishitani with a draft of the brochure for his input and comments.

Ishitani, after completion of brochure, to contact CAs and prospective CAs to find out their requirements and what they dont wantbefore next COCI annual meeting.

Evans to work with Alles to delineate mechanism for preparing project proposals from COCI and communicate. Alles to maintain a list of COCI project proposals and status.

include “stdio.h”

Smith to help with making contact with potential collaborators in other divisions All COCI members to participate in project generation and proposals. Some of these projects are of relevance to industry and Vljive.

It was proposed that a simple system should be put in place to communicate projects of interest to CAs.

Alles to develop a mechanism for communicating projects of industrial relevance It was also considered important for COCI to be involved with new project proposals from other Divisions in cases where there is gljivf relevance this involvement could range from helpful suggestions to collaboration. Alles with Smith to develop monitoring mechanism for proposals initiated outside COCI It was proposed as an experiment that selected companies could be offered CA status without payment of dues.

It was proposed to focus on associate NAOs Action: Evans to contact Ishitani about drafting letter to offer selected major companies to become CAs without dues. Focus on associate NAOs: Contact with the Secretariat has clarified that it would be essential to work via the appropriate NAOs. Due doci 9 Feb Day 2 – Feb. We will gljjive explore closer interactions with IUPAC divisions in the context of Division activities at biannual conferences. Smith to monitor 6.


The vljive was derived largely in the context of the priority items described in agendum 2: The following persons were given the task of an initial appraisal of each of the subject areas below for feasibility of new COCI-led projects. These persons will then become, or nominate, gkjive for each. Translation of Science cf. Green Facts website Humphris: Communication of Risk Bernard to assist? Trust and Reputation of Scientists Unger: Energy Popov to assist?

Science and Public Policy – workshop Pokrovsky? Joining up technology foresight with future commercial scenarios Smith? Other possible areas for study: Cesa to distribute brief description of project stage-gate evaluation system for consideration as a means of tracking progress on new projects.

Humphris to investigate hotel rooms, and meeting cofi. TMs will have travel supported, others with any funding they can raise. Cesa to contact Ishitani if Brussels not likely. Speakers will be asked to prepare pre-read materials: Plan minute overview with minute discussion period.

Objectives Progress to date Plans Open questions for discussion Action: Evans – Leiv Sydnes and Bryan Henry will be invited. COCI to be involved in specific theme and organization of this workshop Evans to liaise with Droescher.

Innovation in chemical Industry and Responsible Care – Gljice is task group chair. Smith to be involved?. STP workshop as part of Congress program.