English: An excerpt from “Credeasi, misera” from act 3 of Vincenzo Bellini’s opera I puritani, illustrating high F5 in tenor repertoire. Date, first. Watch movie and read libretto and translation of Credeasi misera, a quartet,choir for soprano, tenor, baritone and bass, from the Italian opera I Puritani by. Check out I Puritani: Credeasi, Misera by Luciano Pavarotti & Vincenzo Bellini on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on.

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Da me tradita, Traea sua vita In tal martir!

Credeasi misera

E Dio terribile In sua vendetta Gli empi saetta Con rigor. I soldati, impazienti, si rivolgono a Giorgio ed a Riccardo, e diconon loro sottovoce. Artur, tu vivi ancor!

Per me a morte, o Arturo mio! Odesi un suono di corni da caccia. Betrayed by me, It takes its life In such a martyr!


File:Credeasi misera high – Wikimedia Commons

Or I defy lightning, I despise fate, If you are with you I will be able to die! If I was so barbaric In treating it to death He will have consorted me In his death!

He credsasi no more tears My pain. And God wants it Mercilessly! Even in tears Spence entrusts us, Yes, that God He trusts us with mksera. The impatient soldiers turn to Giorgio and Riccardo and say to them in a low voice. Artur, you live still!

For credsasi to death, or my Arturo! She is trembling, She is spirant, Perfidious souls, Deaf to pity. One moment, Ah, anger is slowed down Then you are tormented Of cruelty. I hated a sound of hunting horns.

Credeasi misera Opera details: I Miisera Synopsis Libretto: I Puritani Libretto Mksera s: Cavalier ti colse il Dio Next scene: English Libretto or Translation: Sheetmusic in our database with this aria External links for Credeasi misera Sheetmusic for this quartet on Sheetmusicplus. Possible interesting pages on Opera-Arias. Search all Search scenes Search operas Search roles Search composers.


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I Puritani: Credeasi, Misera

Cavalier ti colse il Dio. Sheetmusic for this quartet. Sheetmusic for this opera. MP3’s for this quartet.

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