: Curfewed Night: One Kashmiri Journalist’s Frontline Account of Life , Love, and War in His Homeland (): Basharat Peer: Books. Curfewed Night [Basharat Peer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Please Read Notes: Brand New, International Softcover Edition, Printed. Find out more about Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos & more.

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But I strongly believe, it should no longer be just about being a hindu or a muslim. Amidst all this the Kashmiri’s want ‘Independence’. The kashmir we have heard stories of, the love and brotherhood every muslim had for hindu and every hindu had for thw muslims.

Countless of people dying and being buried without being identified, hundreds of mothers and fathers crying over the deaths of their children; man being pointed out, tortured and stolen lives right in the modern times Among other tragic talesin his moving memoir ,Basharat Peer also provides the fullest account of Gawkadal Bridge masscare and Syed Abdul Rahman Geelani ,who was arrested in winter for conspiring in the attack on parliament, and later acquitted from all the charges against him in October Darshika Kathane please tell me about themes of the book and character of the book.

For anyone who hasn’t heard about this place, it is located between India and Pakistan, and it is absolutely beautiful. I have never been too bothered by politics and I’ve always wondered why others get so agitated when Kashmir is missing from the Indian map. There were books written by people from almost every conflict zone of the age, but where were the stories of his own homeland of Kashmir? View all 3 comments. At the risk of being accused for sedition, I am going to quote what she said: An evocative account of life in Kashmir.

It wasn’t a comforting thought. From blood boiling rage to moistened eyes, from recalling Manto to unearthing some precious childhood memories, this fast and focussed narrative by Basharat Peer made me see it all.

There are some opportunists who send others to death but keep their own children safe. View all 22 comments. Peer, a studious young man whose father is a respected government official in Srinagar, the summertime capital of Kashmir, shares his personal experiences as his village, like others throughout the region, experience nigut hardship and tragedy during the This book served as an excellent counterpart to The CollaboratorMirza Waheed’s novel about the crisis in Kashmir in the late s and early s, as the narrator of that novel and the author of this book are of similar ages and backgrounds.


He sits at a bus-stop waiting for the bus to take him pee Kunan Poshpura, but when it arrives he just goes on sitting, listening to the sound of the revving engine, and watching the bus drive away. Such biased and false reporting seems to be endemic of all media representing the majority. Sep 18, Vinit rated it liked it. This is a really important book that was written in the most beautiful way possible for a non-fiction one to be.

I am not saying that India is perfect, but most people can sleep peacefully at night. Men liken him help maintain sanity in a world full of hatred and violence. I talked about my friends form my Delhi University days.

It is a formidable challenge to tell the stories of Kashmir’s suffering without numbing the readers’ senses, and that Peer is able to do so is testament to his gifts and sensitivity as niht writer. There are more amazing things about this books that I just cannot put them all together in this hurriedly-written review, and I highly recommend all the people in peed world, if curfeweed want to explore more about Kashmir lives, war, love, friendship through the lens, the memories of a man who actually came from there, pick this book up and devour it.

If I remember correctly, it This is a really important book that was written perr the most beautiful way possible for a non-fiction one to be. Some individuals keep changing sides when it suits them. Curfewed Night is an exceptional personal account of the conflict. It will never be re-grown!

Sorry but that’s my view. The children in Kashmir getting fascinated by the uniforms and the Kalashnikova carried by the militants, dream to fight for the freedom of Kashmir. Peer was only 13 in when Indian troops fired on pro-independence Kashmiris and, as he puts it, “the war of my adolescence started”. But, as my father would say, being a kashmiri pandit, the sufferings of KPs remain minor as their numbers.

And the ending, when the Bridge of Peace and a basjarat tour trying to make amends to Kashmir people after many years of constant battle and separation by giving Kashmir separated families a chance to finally meet their loved ones from the other side of the war, was really touching and philosophically meaningful.


On the similar lines, the curfewes who have been “brought up” in other states of India might feel reading it a bit awkward.

This compelling yet evocative memoir is a must read as it holds the power to change the perspective of the readers about Kashmir.

Curfewed Night: a Frontline Memoir of Life, Love and War in Kashmir: review

In the end they are lucky: The Everyone wished they had sons instead of daughters It’s a niggt depiction of the author’s rather personal tale of his life in the militant ‘s of Kashmir.

The pacing is smooth and swift as the author gradually pulls his readers into the depth of his memoir.

Both the books capture the forgotten pain of Kashmiri’s we can’t even imagine. Don’t read it as just another nighf. Ultimately, Journalist prevails to a writer, i would say.

Curfewed Night: a Frontline Memoir of Life, Love and War in Kashmir: review – Telegraph

The author meets up and interviews different people affected by the conflict in one way or the other- former classmates- turned- militants, survivors of torture camps, people who have lost entire families and turned to faith and poetry, rape victims, Kashmiri pandits displaced from home, educated professionals who could have lived safer and better lives outside Kashmir but chose to return or stay back.

The doctor in the ward asks the father to open a window for his daughter. Or they burnt and legs with cigarette butts and kerosene stoves used for welding. Retrieved from ” https: You were asked to remove your clothes, even your underwear. I just loved it so so very much. When he was 14, Peer and his friends approached the commander of the separatist group JKLF and asked to be signed up.

Although Kashmir is Muslim-dominated, this idyllic land with snow-capped mountains and gorgeous lakes was divided between India and Pakistan in It is by a Kashmiri from the Indian part of Kashmir and chronicles life in the valley of Kashmir sincewhen the insurgency began.

I watched him join his friends, carrying wooden guns and broken plastic balls stuffed with cloth meant to be hand grenades.