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Home Documents Nov cviebnice anglick gramatiky. Gramariky on Nov views. Nov cviebnice anglick gramatiky Expressing the future17 Zept se j? Pelote za pouit going to. J ti to otevu. Uki ti, kde bydlme. Budouc as will pro vyjadovn spontnnch rozhodnut. Myslm, e pjdu do postele. Myslm, e si dm nco k pit. Myslm, e pjdu ven a koupm si nco k jdlu. Myslm, e si pjdu lehnout. Myslm, e mu dnes veer zavolm. Myslm, e zstanu doma. Myslm, e pjdu na prochzku. Myslm, e se vykoupu.

Vyjadovn budoucnosti17 Are you going to ask her? New Years Resolutions31 Im going to be a better student. Ill explain it to you.

Ill open it gramatijy you. Ill show you where we live. Future with will for spontaneous decisions51 Its late.

I think Ill go to bed. I think Ill have something to drink. I think Angicke go out and buy something to eat. I think Ill go and lie down. I think Ill phone him this evening. I think Ill stay at home. I think Ill go for a walk. I think Ill have a bath. Expressing the future59 Tohle pivo je vynikajc. Myslm, e objednm dal. Myslm, e zapnu topen. Budouc as will pro pedpovdn nsledk a udlost. Nebude se mu tramatiky lbit. Pouit shall pro nabdky, nvrhy a dotazy cvicebnuce nzory.

Vyjadovn budoucnosti59 This beer is excellent. I think Ill order another one.


Cvicebnice Anglicke Gramatiky Pdf Editor

Future with will for predicting consequences and events61 We must go by bus or well be late. He wont like it. Use of shall for offering, suggesting and asking opinions91 Shall I call a taxi for you call you a taxi?

Expressing the future Kam mm dt tv kle? Ptomn prbhov as pro vyjadovn udlost v budoucnosti. Uijte will nebo going to a pslun modln slovesov opisnm tvaru. Budeme muset odejt o pl osm. Vyjadovn budoucnosti Where shall I put your keys? Present continuous for future events Im going home soon. Level C examples Future modals Well have to take Were going to have to take a taxi.

Well have to leave Were going to have to leave at half past seven. Expressing the future Jsem si jist, e budou schopni ti pomoct. Dv udlosti v budoucnosti v asovch a podmnkovch vtch when, whenever, if, while,before, until, unless a as soon as. Vyjadovn budoucnosti Im sure theyll be able to help theyre going to be able to help you.

Double actions in the future with clauses of time and condition using when, whenever, if, while,before, until, unless and as soon as when Ill tell him when I see him. Expressing the future Prosm vs, jestli budete moct, pijte na tu schzi. Expressing the future Ten verek nebude zbavn [legrace], pokud tam nebude. Udlosti v bezprostedn budoucnosti s just going to. Potebuje s nm mluvit? Dal by sis tak? Budu za chvilku zptky. Nemuseli by to pest. Vyjadovn budoucnosti The party wont be fun unless youre there.

Events in the immediate future with just going to Im just going to phone Alex. Do you need to speak to him?

Would you like some too? Expressing dvicebnice future Mon, e budeme muset hodiny ekat. Ve tyi budu jet pracovat. Ve tvrtek veer budou jst u jejch rodi. Future continuous At 6. Ill still be working at four. Theyll be eating at her parents onThursday evening. Expressing the future Budeme se tit na tvou pt nvtvu.


Cvicebnice Anglicke Gramatiky Pdf Editor

Nebudu ho dnes potebovat. Budu mt na sob rov sako. Dnes veer bude hrt roli Oflie nkdo jin. Budeme na tebe myslet. Anglicme budou pipravovat obchody na Vnoce. Vyjadovn budoucnosti Well be looking forward to your next visit. I wont be needing it today. Theyll be in Slovakia. Ill be wearing a pink jacket. Someone else will be playing the role of Ophelia this evening.

Well be thinking of you. Theyll soon be preparing the shops for Christmas. Hes trying to save money. Expressing the future Pjdu s tebou pro ppad, e bude potebovat mou pomoc. Vyjadovn budoucch nadj prostednictvm geamatiky a ptomnho asu. Ptomn prost as pro vyjadovn udlost v budoucnosti.

Vyjadovn budoucnosti Ill go with you in case you need my help. Expressing hopes for the future with hope and present tense I hope you like the film. Present simple for future events Are you free tomorrow evening? Expressing the future Trajekt odjd o plnoci. Vyjadovn budoucnosti The ferry leaves at midnight. Expressing the future Na cestovn nebude as a penze, dokud dti nevyrostou a neodejdou z domova. Pedbudouc as prost a prbhov. Vyjadovn budoucnosti There wont be the time and money for travelling until the children have grown up andleft home.

Future perfect simple and continuous The film will have finished gramagiky ten. Expressing the future Ne se vrt, kad na nj zapomene. D si nco se mnou? Vyjadovn budoucnosti By the time he returns everyone will have forgotten him.