Breaking Open the Head has ratings and reviews. Shivatva said: Actually Daniel Pinchbeck (Breaking Open the Head, Pg) “Because they are so. ‘Breaking Open the Head’. By DANIEL PINCHBECK NOV. . Or I was like the character of “Daniel Pinchbeck,” trapped in a half-finished novel. Gary Lachman on Daniel Pinchbeck’s drug-assisted journey of self-discovery, Breaking Open the Head.

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It was a continent where friends of mine went to prove themselves — writing journalism, photographing exotic atrocities, acting out Hemingway-esque safari fantasies, joining the Peace Corps, contracting bizarre diseases. Some parts were fascinating, others a little scary. This was not an option for me.

I was in a worse place than Woody Allen. Antidepressants fit our society’s underlying biases. He seemed younger, less professional, more ill at ease than I had expected.

Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey Into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism

Among the Bwiti, I hwad absurdly self-conscious: If you’re an average citizen of the 21st century, the answer is probably nothing. On his Website he posted photos from Gabon that seemed unreal — tribal dancers in grass skirts, smiling pinchbecck, and images of iboga itself, a modest, even unassuming- looking plant.

This property was discovered in the early s by Howard Lotsoff. It could have done with some information on acquiring some of these drugs, particuarly ibogaine which sounds potentially lifesaving. Her parents came from Poland; her father could not find a decent job in New York, and in he killed himself, abandoning his family. She had lived to be eighty-eight, dying only a year before my trip to Gabon. The remote area had a quality of stillness that re- minded me of Gabon. James Fernandez, an anthropologist who studied the sect at opwn, ended his book Bwiti: The Elves had set the tables with food, played mu- sic and danced.


But his friends said he oppen no longer upstate. People came and went throughout the night. With “normative” levels of serotonin, the brain is tuned to the “consensual reality” – something like the local pop or talk radio station.

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Benjamin describes awakening as a historical and generational process as well as an individual one. He seemed the type of per- son who would be happiest alone, trekking through a forest in search of rare beetles and butterflies.

It is not a clearly understood mechanism, but ibogaine seems to dramatically increase the potency of all drugs in the blood- stream. We had met once at a party during high school when she was dating a friend of mine. Because of its oil deposits, Gabon, a small West African country on the equator, is richer, more secure, than other countries in the dxniel. The ceremony bor- rowed elements from the Catholic mass. I lived in West College, the bohemian and hippie dorm.

Quotes from Breaking Open pinchbedk It was like I was a computer and ayahuasca was a program performing scans and repairs.

New domes and tents, new turrets and towers appeared each hour. To me, the more I thought about it, the more the dream seemed, intuitively, real — a vic- tory over a residue of her psyche by my unconscious self. I picked up the book after watching the 2 hour Manifesting the Mind video; I found his thoughts there most curiosity piquing, and, along with this book, I am driven to research much more deeply on the subject.

Breaking Open the Head – Wikipedia

But the best part of this book is the message that really gets driven home to the heart of who we are, the potential of what Reading through Pinchbeck’s incredibly well-documented experiences with various plant substances such as iboga and ayahuasca, along with his quest for knowledge in understanding the dwindling shamanic culture of the rainforests was a thrilling way to live vicariously through someone’s most intimate and trippiest moments. Our teacher was a chic presence, a twenty-eight-year-old Scottish woman who wore antique gowns and resembled Bette Davis, chain-smoked during class, and drank herself to death a few years later.


Deborah Mash from the University of Miami is the only government-sanctioned researcher currently studying ibogaine as a treatment for addiction. Over a decade, I knew at least half a dozen people — bright, artistic, confused — who died from overdoses. I told him I was from New York. I enjoy beeaking that suggest other authors for me to check out and point back to an author’s reading experience and journey as a learner and this book was not short on those suggestions.

Almost every night for months after my visits, the festival turns up in some form in my interior theater. Heroin, above all, was the down- town hipster intoxicant of choice. Narcotic intoxication is called on to provide an im- itation of a state bgeaking the shaman is no longer capable of at- taining otherwise.

From now on, they gead no longer have an effect. Archaic Tech- niques of Ecstasy that ingestion of visionary flora, whether smoked, eaten, drunk, or snuffed a.