Day of the Oprichnik has ratings and reviews. Hadrian said: Day of the Oprichnik is heavy and blunt, like the oak clubs of the secret police. Haunting, terrifying and hilarious, The Day of the Oprichnik is a dazzling novel and a fierce critique of life in the New Russia. Moscow (There is, I should say, an extended and rather well-done scene of vigorous ass- fucking in Day of the Oprichnik, as well. It an orgy in the truest.

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Day of the Oprichnikset in near-future Moscow, begins and ends with a dream: Komiaga is woken by whip cracks and moans — the ringtone on his mobilov — and after he finishes his hangover cocktail and morning prayers, his servant dresses him for the day.

He wears a long cotton caftan over an outfit of gold, silver, velvet, and weasel. Like an original oprichnik, who served as an enforcer under Ivan the Terrible, Komiaga appears to be a monk. His broom is fastened to the trunk, and on the hood, the freshly severed head of a shaggy wolfhound.

His thoughts are littered with slogans and maxims, and his intimidating position makes genuine conversations with the public impossible. Russians drink Szechuan champagne and eat Shanghai caviar; they make Russian children on Chinese beds and do Russian business on Chinese toilets.

Even the symbol of the oprichniki, the dreaded Mercedov, is made in China. But the ten-lane, two-story artery from China to Europe runs through opricynik heart of Russia, and to make it to the end, one must have Russian insurance.


Most of the acts are traditional and require only minor changes. The Novgorodian warriors should have broader shoulders, they say about a piece highlighting the mercy of a young Ivan the Terrible, who would later establish the oprichniki and send them back to Novgorod for a massacre.

“Day of the Oprichnik”: The fascinating world of Soviet science fiction

But, in this case, the actor is a favorite of Her Highness. There is one new act in the concert, however — a topical piece — and it requires serious vetting.

In it, an anthropomorphic, European mole surfaces at the border and attempts to open the valve to a West-East gas pipeline. The guard is then joined by two others, and together, they open the valve themselves and fart into the pipeline, eliciting screams and wails from the West.

Day of the Oprichnik – Vladimir Sorokin | Full Stop

Komiaga, as usual, worries about the element of obscenity, while an observer from the Secret Department complains about the mole being killed rather than being captured alive. But Day of the Oprichnik is not concerned solely with the grotesque. Sorokin knows when to step back and remind the reader that his monster is a mutant, not an alien. Sorry, everyone who gets off work at 4: Lying naked in a circle, they put the aquarium to their arms, and one by one, the tiny fish enter their veins, swim to their heads, and deposit caviar on their brains.


This spawns a communal pleasure-dome of a high in which the seven men become the seven heads of a fire-spitting dragon, which immediately heads west, across the ocean, to lay waste to a certain godless land.

Nor do they stem from ignorance of the past: No, the atrocities here are the result of good old-fashioned human nature, of our instinctual love of authority figures and the certainty we enjoy when acting according to ritual and ideology rather than reason. Komiaga dreams of a white stallion, of being a valiant, dragon-slaying bogatyr, but like the unchaste, half-blood princess for whom he fights, he is ultimately, tragically mixed.

Day of the Oprichnik by Vladimir Sorokin

Sworn oprichnkk defend his country from his countrymen, he is the knight and the dragon, the past and the present, Russia as it is and Russia as it is perceived by the rest of the world.

After he settles her scandalous affair, for which he will receive not a girdle or a ring but a token ten-ruble piece, Komiaga cannot help but ask the seer a question of his own:.

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