Source code for ‘Decompiling Java’ by Godfrey Nolan – Apress/decompiling-java. Listings 6 – 45 Manufacturing Manager: Tom Debolski. Ubrary of Congress Cataloging-in- Publicatlon Data. Nolan, Godfrey. Decompiling Java I Godfrey Nolan. Author/s: Godfrey Nolan Publisher: Apress Category: Advanced Java Review by: Lasse Koskela Rating: 7 horseshoes.

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Decompiling Java by Godfrey Nolan.

Advanced Java Review by: In just or so pages, you’ll go through legalities related to decompiling Java code, learn the basics of Java’s dexompiling file format, get a brief run-down of tools available for decompiling and obfuscating Java code, all the way through different methods employed by obfuscation tools. Finally, Nolan goes through the design of a basic Java decompiler implementation using JLex and CUP open source compiler compiler tools.

The brevity of the book is both its best and worst characteristic. It’s great because I certainly wouldn’t have wanted a bible on copyright and patent laws in different parts of the world, but it’s unfortunate because the topic you’re interested in is bound to be slightly too superficial or detached from the rest of the book.


For example, I would’ve liked to read a lot more about the actual class file format and the internals of a JVM in the book itself instead of having to read from a specification on the web.

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On the other hand, the author managed to light some bulbs in my head along the way and I actually enjoyed reading his text – especially the chapter about creating a decompiler using JLex and CUP which I’ve also found a bit too intimidating to actually look into. In summary, “Decompiling Java” is a good overview of decompilation in Java and it has a couple of real gems inside, but if you’re looking for a manual for dissecting class files or the JVM, it might not the book you’re looking for.

More info at Amazon. Ever wanted to ask her out but never dared to? Get this book and take a shot.

Decompiling Java: Godfrey Nolan: : Books

After discussing some legal and moral issues and telling you how to protect yourself, this book will teach you how to approach her and ask her out politely. Then, it will delve into the most intimate details of her bytecode attributes and show you how to manipulate them efficiently. Also, the author briefly describes a couple of free and commercial tools you can use to play with her.


The book goes on describing techniques you can exploit to protect her sources from being seen by anyone. The second half of the book is fully dedicated to designing and implementing a working Java decompiler from scratch using the JLex and CUP i.

Basically, I very much appreciated the way I have been introduced to this wonderful and charming lady. Our chat was both enjoyable and enlightening. However, the date was over when the whole thing started to get interesting and I admit gdfrey pages left me hungry.

I would have liked to see a couple more concrete examples discussed and analyzed in minute details. Nonetheless, this book is a very good introduction to the topic and would satisfy both beginner nolaj medium Java developers willing to peek beneath the lady’s bytecode veil. Book Review Team ].

Don’t get me started about those stupid light bulbs.