-Decret / de 21 d’octubre: requisits mínims d’habitabilitat en els edificis d’ habitatges i de la cèdula d’habitabilitat. – Normativa Urbanística metropolitana. Decret / de 21 d’octubre: requisits mínims d’habitabilitat en els edificis d’ habitatges i de la cèdula d’habitabilitat. – Normativa Urbanística metropolitana. Cèdula d’habitabilitat Certificat energètic

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And the situation is comparable.

However, some precisions have to be made: Moreover, the three examples above hagitabilitat also strongly decreh by the idea that there has been a clear evolution in the way this issue is constructed: Using words of Cottinop.

Obviously, a lot of criticism can be made to the measures taken both in Italy and France, but the same can be assumed for the non-systematic way in which Spanish authorities have faced the situation: In general, marginal economic activities are diverse and combined.

They also bring scrap to home and make noise. For instance, scrap collecting clearly another marginal strategy has not the same social consideration or has been regulated by the civic ordinance despite it is also developed in public spaces.

Skip habbitabilitat main content. Aramburu, Mikel Los otros y nosotros. La Vanguardia, 28 of March [After the police raids] the presence of these precocious petty thieves in the city has plummeted [and] some victims, especially tourists, can breathe a sigh of relief. Both have to do, among other factors, with the political sign of the government: La licencia completa se puede consultar en: In this sense, there exists an important diversity regarding the origin countries of Roma population present in the Spanish state, although a majority comes from Romania.

This doesn’t mean that different —more individual— processes take place, as it indeed happens; but this communitarian character is expressed with clarity in the internal relationships of the group in destination and in a clear distribution of settlement concerning origin towns: Regarding methodology, this paper is based both in the conclusions of a long-term ethnographic fieldwork and a media analysis on the representations about Romanian Roma migrants in the context of the study.


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Log In Sign Up. Gamella, Juan Francisco This situation contributes to a dynamic whose only objective seems to make 20033 settlement and presence more difficult and comes together with the constant construction, from the political and media arena, of a certain image of this population as a problem or issue: On the other hand, other groups performing marginal activities such as Senegalese street sellers do not share the same negative imaginaries in media or the majority population even if their activities are also penalized.

On the other hand, there are also some programs, generally based in NGOs, which are the main part of the specific actions made around Romanian Roma people.

The evictions and expulsions of Romanian Roma population were dscret usual and particularly intense after the new Immigration Law In consequence, I will first offer some bibliographic references as well as a general background of the presence and migratory process of the Romanian Roma population in Spain, focusing later on this specific area.

Official Journal of the European Union. The main consequence of this dynamic was, quite usually, the lack of a valid rental agreement, as well as higher prices, that combined with the low incomes of the Roma population and other 23 24 factors produced a significant presence of overcrowded flats.

Although these data cannot be considered as reliable, they provide a picture of the overall situation and are quite coherent with the situation in Barcelona Metropolitan Area, where the estimations have ranged depending on the moment from 1.

Nuevo racismo y noticias. Romani Migration in the s: Finally, I intend to offer some conclusions as well as some reflections about the possible evolution of these processes.

Stefano Piemontese has also worked with Romanian Roma migrants in Granada, mainly on the subjects of Housing, mobility and habitabilitt. I believe the three examples I just presented show this interrelation to some extent: That does not mean that specificities of different Roma populations are not equally important, but that they get subsumed into a wider process of categorisation.


I found some — few— Roma that worked in integrated jobs with different grades of regularization, in industry, warehouses, cleaning, construction and agriculture, just to mention the most important ones. Mugak, 43 [Online] Accessible in: The previous one was an extreme case, but it is also coherent with the great mobility that exists among the population in a more precarious situation that usually lives in flats, although in these cases the reasons are not generally police evictions but the lack of economic resources and of an accessible and stable housing.

Escala (element constructiu) – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

This invisibility affects, above all, the situation of a significant segment of this population in a persistent socioeconomic exclusionthat clearly implies specific characteristics regarding housing, mobility and marginal economic strategies, among others: Las pateras del asfalto: Not only was more profitable because they had to pay those newspapers in advance but also a strategy for getting some acknowledgment through a somehow recognized activity while doing other 19 more discredited marginal activities.

For instance, as Pajaresp.

BOE, de 12 de enero de In the first case, the main requisite for registering is a valid rental agreement, although some local councils have established a limited number of applications per address.

El caso de Habitqbilitat.