SIGMA® Primary Knee System Balanced Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction 2 DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction SIGMA® Primary Knee System Balanced Surgical Technique PFC Chamfer Guides Size Product, DePuy P.F.C. Sigma Knee System, Non-Porous Cruciate Retaining Femoral Component, 73 mm M/L 69 mm A/P, 5 left, sterile, DePuy Orthopaedics, . Functional outcome of PFC Sigma fixed and rotating-platform total knee . system (PFC Sigma or PFC Sigma RP, DePuy, Warsaw, Indiana).

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deluy There was also a statistically significant difference in preoperative scores between the groups, but no difference in postoperative scores. Please refer to the other divisions of this site for specific procedures. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc.

The operations were performed sigmx or under direct supervision of the two orthopaedic surgeons. The functional outcome was evaluated by an independent physiotherapist or specialist nurse practitioner who was not blinded to the knee implanted, using range of motion, Oxford knee score range 12—60 [ 18 ] and Knee Society KSS knee and function subscores range 0— [ 19 ].

The patella was not resurfaced. The prostheses were found to be well fixed and without evidence of loosening in both cases. All inquiries can be submitted by email to: Total Knee System introduced inP. Resources Bespoke Report P. Our randomised controlled trial eepuy patients who underwent unilateral knee replacement for osteoarthritis showed no statistically significant difference in functional outcome and survivorship between the mobile-bearing and rotating-platform in the PFC Sigma total knee replacement at a mean of There were no revisions at the one-year time point for early infection, loosening or bearing dislocation in either of the groups.


In two of these studies [ 1516 ] the patella was routinely resurfaced; in the third study the resurfacing status of the patella was not reported. Allows for either rotating platform or fixed bearing tibial constructs Only company to provide rotating platform in the revision constraint varus valgus constraint level.

Three-compartment knee prosthesis / revision / fixed-bearing – P.F.C.® SIGMA® TC3™ – Depuy Synthes

The rotating platform, as used in the PFC Sigma RP knee replacement system, has unidirectional motion prc has been shown to have less volumetric wear than other mobile designs [ 12 ]. All patients were mobilised fully weight-bearing using a walking frame or crutches for support from the first postoperative day.

If you would like to report a potential cybersecurity vulnerability in any of our products, please refer to our Responsible Disclosure Reporting website. Similarly the radius of curvature at the edges of the femoral component have been changed to reduce the risk of soft tissue impingement.

J Bone Joint Surg Br.

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The study population, however, was derived from an Asian population with a comparably low mean height and weight. Journal List Int Orthop v.

However, in our trial the PCL was retained in all cases, all implants were cemented and the patella was not resurfaced. This left patients for analysis. For the subsequent patients a further randomisation schedule, blocked and stratified for treatment only, was produced by a biostatistician at DePuy International Ltd.


Depuy | PFC Sigma Knee System

Pre- and postoperative scores and difference in mean change between pre- and postoperative scores. All patients received a PCL retaining prosthesis which was implanted using a computer-assisted technique. They followed a standard postoperative rehabilitation protocol.

Conflict of interest This study has been sponsored by DePuy International who have provided resources to cover the additional costs of conducting the research over and above standard clinical practice as well as statistical support. Indus HiFlex Knee Manufacturer: The allocated envelope was opened on the day before surgery by the operating surgeon after consent had been obtained.

A clinical assessment was carried out preoperatively and at a minimum of one year after surgery. Patients were included if they were suitable for treatment with either a fixed- or mobile-bearing knee replacement system and had given written informed consent. The Cochrane Review [ 11 ] highlighted that there were only few comparative studies with acceptable methodological quality [ 45 ].

Comparative flexion after rotating-platform vs fixed-bearing total knee arthroplasty. There were no intraoperative complications. Simultaneous mobile- and fixed-bearing total knee replacement in the same patients.