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In these computers, the data are available for general usage in order to analyze them. The data descargr consists of many channels connected to the VME crates mainly, independent between them, and fully programmable by drivers, CLUI’s and GUI’s interfaces, and a set of independent systems embedded ones, PLCs, others controlling the security aspects.

This report is described in terms of their architecture, their electronic system to the process hard ware and the functionality and the application development facilities they provide using the software and the data acquisition. Linea Trasversale, Flesh and Soul. The surface of Europa is crosscut by a dense network of fractures and there are many candidate faults for studying past tectonic activity. To better understand the role of tidal stress sources and implications for faulting on Europa, we investigate the relationship between shear and normal stresses at Rhadamanthys Lineaa northwest oriented fracture in the northern hemisphere.

Previous work on Agenor Lineaa right-lateral strike-slip fracture in the southern hemisphere, suggests that both tidal diurnal and non-synchronous rotation NSR stresses play a critical role in the mechanics of Coulomb shear failure on Europa. Uniaxial and biaxial mechanical properties of porcine linea alba.

However, the few studies on the mechanical properties of the linea alba in the literature appear contradictory, possible due to challenges with the physical dimensions of. Tumoral calcinosis-like lesion of the goldrstt linea aspera. Tumoral calcinosis is presently descqrgar poorly defined disease.

In its classic form, it consists of multiple large foci of benign mineralization in the soft tissue descargaf to bone near large joints. Patients are generally of African descent and are adolescents or young adults at presentation. Both metabolic and traumatic etiologies have been proposed.

We report six adult Caucasian patients with lesions that pathologically resembled tumoral calcinosis. All lesions were small less than 3×3 cm and were located along the proximal linea aspera lof the femur. All patients presented with pain. Because of the atypical patient population and the unusual size and location of the descqrgar, we refer to this process as a ‘tumoral calcinosis-like lesion’.

A typical radiographic appearance and location, together with appropriate dscargar history, can strongly suggest this diagnosis. This multimedia model and report show and describe digital three-dimensional faulted surfaces and volumes of lithologic units that confine and constrain the basin-fill aquifers within the Espanola Basin of north-central New Mexico.

These aquifers are the primary groundwater resource for the cities of Santa Fe and Espanolasix Pueblo nations, and the surrounding areas. The model presented in this report is a synthesis of geologic information that cadea 1 aeromagnetic and gravity data and seismic cross sections; 2 lithologic descriptions, interpretations, and geophysical logs from selected drill holes; 3 geologic maps, geologic cross sections, and interpretations; and 4 mapped faults and interpreted faults from geophysical data.

Modeled faults individually or collectively affect the continuity of the rocks that contain the basin aquifers; they also help define the form of this rift basin.

Structure, trend, and dip data not previously published were added; these structures are derived from interpretations of geophysical information and recent field observations. Where possible, data were compared and validated and reflect the complex relations of structures in this part of the Rio Grande rift. This interactive geologic framework model can be used as a tool to visually explore and study geologic structures within the Espanola Basin, to show the connectivity of geologic units of high and criyica permeability between and across faults, and to show approximate dips dritica the lithologic units.

The viewing software can be used to display other data and information, such as drill-hole data, within this geologic framework model in three-dimensional goldrtt. The vadena content of recurring slope lineae on Mars. Observations of recurring slope lineae RSL from the High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment have been interpreted as present-day, gkldratt variable liquid water flows; however, orbital spectroscopy has not confirmed the presence of liquid H2O, only hydrated salts.

Alternatively, observed salts may be preexisting in soils goldrath low abundances i. The governments and organizations responsible for scientific policies try to encourage equality of gender, among their priorities that of obtaining equal participation and full integration gldratt women in all aspects of the scientific profession.

A total of papers published from period descargwr downloaded from the Science Citation Index-Expanded database, these including original research papers, review articles and clinical cases. A bibliometric study broken down by gender was carried out to determine the existence or inequalities between men and women regarding scientific productivity, type of document, order of author signatures, on the institutional and geographical level.


The papers were published critiac 1, different authors. The gender of authors was identified, The percentage of women authorship has risen from A total of Bibliometric studies on scientific activity provide essential information to promote gender equality. Aerodynamic instability of cables in transmission power lines; Cadenna aerodinamica en cables de lineas de transmision.

One of the aerodynamic instabilities of transmission power lines cables is galloping, which consists in the appearance of important cable vibrations, mainly when the wind hits orthogonally the power line.

Goldratt-Eliyahu-Cadena-Critica | Arturo Avalos Bravo –

In some gooldratt the maximum amplitude that occurs reaches several meters, even when the wind velocities in a region are well below the value used for the mechanical design of the power lines.

In general terms, galloping is associated with particular climatic conditions such as low temperatures and high humidities.

In these conditions a coating of ice that adheres to the cable is formed, changing its transverse cross section, propitiating the galloping, although some authors have reported galloping without ice.

These climatic conditions are presented mainly in the Northern part of our country and in the high regions of the mountain zones; nevertheless, the galloping phenomenon has been reported in few cases by Comision Federal de Electricidad CFE. The possible expansion of the power lines in these regions of the country leads to prevent the measures needed to diminish the appearance of this phenomenon. In this paper mention is made in particular of the solution adopted to the galloping problem that has appeared in the transmission power line of Salamayuca to Reforma, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua CFE, En algunos casos las amplitudes maximas que se presentan llegan a ser de varios metros, aun cuando las velocidades del viento en una region esten muy por debajo del valor empleado para el diseno mecanico de las lineas.

Generalmente, el galopeo se asocia con condiciones climaticas particulares como son las bajas temperaturas y altas humedades.

En estas condiciones se forma una cubierta de hielo que se. The authors analyse and describe the sites of three Spanish nuclear power stations: The first two are located in the interior of the country and the third on the Mediterranean coast.

The paper discusses the normal criteria and the descadgar considerations governing the choice of site, and points out the influence of Spanish orography on the transport of heavy equipment and hence its repercussions on the selection of power station sites.

Reference is rescargar to the experience acquired in transporting equipment for the Z-orita plant, and an analysis of the practical difficulties encountered in applying particular safety standards to the sites of stations of different types and designs is included. As the type of reactor and its containment system affect the practical value of applying particular standards which, moreover, have to be adapted to the special features of each country, safety standards for assessing power station sites should be applied in an appropriate and flexible manner.

The paper describes the geological and boldratt features of the three sites and summarizes the studies carried out in these fields. It refers particularly to the hydrological studies carried out at Zorita and Santa Maria de Garofia and describes the weather stations set up at both sites, the diffusion experiments with neutcal-buoyancy balloons at Santa Maria de Garofia, and the results of these investigations.

Revealing polychaetes invasion patterns: Identification, reproduction and potential risks of the Korean ragworm, Perinereis linea Treadwellin the Western Mediterranean. An established population of the polychaetous annelid Perinereis linea Treadwell is reported for the first time outside its native distribution range NW Pacific. This exotic worm has reached the Western Cadeja Mar Menor lagoon via importing live descaryar as it is commonly used by anglers in Mar Menor lagoon, an area largely used for recreational fishing.

To avoid confusion with other related species, and because the scientific name has been in synonymy for many years, P. We focus on the reproductive biology and ecology of P.

Comparison between the Mediterranean population with a native population from South Korea revealed that the species exhibits a great reproductive plasticity and adaptability, which depends on the environmental conditions. Perinereis linea can reproduce after acquiring the epitokous form or prior to complete epitokal modification. In the Mar Menor lagoon population females release eggs asynchronically without completing epitokal modifications. However, under particular laboratory conditions females produce eggs synchronically and release them after complete epitokal transformations.

Fertilization cirtica occur internally in the female coelom, and females release zygotes and larvae through openings in their body walls; they are then incubated in descxrgar masses attached to the female parapodia. The sperm morphology is of the ent-aquasperm type. The eggs and larvae are attacked by symbiotic ciliate protozoa that feed on their yolk reserves. These foreign ciliates may act as carriers of disease in native beachworms and constitute an important risk for the ecosystem health.


Finally, we provide recommendations on the prevention of the adverse effects that this exotic ragworm can cause in receiving ecosystems.

A key instrument in this legal regulation is the so-called Quality Assurance Program QAP which has to be eescargar in each Diagnostic Radiology unit. Its main issues are displayed in the present paper.

The SEDIM QAP includes some items related to justification and optimization of mammography exams as well as a proposal for the assignment of functions and responsibilities. A guide for the image and technical parameters quality evaluation is also included. Some keys on equipment acquisition, maintenance and on continuing education and information management can also be found in that document.

As a legal Spanish association, it developed vritica activities from until when economic difficulties made ISES suspend the Section. In that year Prof. In this paper the significant data of the old and new sections are given, including the names of representative people and members of the Board and the development of the membership.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Online monitoring and diagnosis of power transformers; Monitoreo y diagnostico en linea de transformadores de potencia. In this article are presented three diagnosis techniques for power transformers. The first one consists in a non-invasive technique for detecting mechanical failure in taps with load in power transformers utilizing vibration sensors.

The goldrxtt one consists in an online diagnosis to detect the presence of arcing and partial discharges in the power transformer based in the recording and analysis of the signals using ultrasonic sensors that detect the noise that these phenomena emit from the outside of the transformer tank. The third technique consists in analyzing the dissolved gases in the transformer insulating oil, with it and in accordance with the levels and the existing relationships, it is possible to determine the involved deteriorating process.

The results of the application of the three mentioned diagnosis techniques, which were used for the evaluation of some transformers in different Comision Federal de Electricidad CFE substations, are presented.

La primera consiste en una tecnica no invasiva para detectar fallas mecanicas en cambiadores de derivacion con carga de transformadores de potencia utilizando sensores de vibracion.

La segunda consiste en un diagnostico en linea para detectar la presencia de arqueos y descargas parciales en el transformador de potencia basada en el registro y analisis de senales usando sensores ultrasonicos que detectan el sonido que emiten esos fenomenos desde el exterior del tanque del transformador.

La tercer tecnica consisten en analizar los gases disueltos en el aceite aislante de los transformadores, con la cual y de acuerdo con los niveles y relaciones existentes, es posible determinar el proceso de deterioro involucrado. Se presentan resultados de la aplicacion de las tres tecnicas de diagnostico mencionadas, las cuales se usaron para evaluar algunos transformadores en diferentes subestaciones de la Comision.

Pipe type poles in transmission power lines; Postes tipo tubo en lineas de transmision. The first supports for transmission power lines were relatively small structures, of simple configuration, to save reduced clearances to resist load in accordance with its need; with the technical development, gradually appeared higher and higher electric tensions and greater obstacles to overcome, consequently the design of the supports had to be adapted to the new conditions.

This gave rise to the development of a specific technique that would adequate and incorporate the continuous engineering advances. In this document the initial considerations on the design poles pipe type are examined; within these considerations mention is made of: The type tube pole is portrayed, as well as the steel reinforcement, finally the types of precast foundations are shown [Espanol] Los primeros soportes para lineas de transmision fueron estructuras relativamente pequenas, de configuracion simple, para salvar claros reducidos y resistir cargas proporcionales a sus necesidades, con el desarrollo de la tecnica, fueron apareciendo tensiones electricas cada vez mas elevadas y obstaculos mayores que vencer, por lo que el diseno de los soportes tuvo que adaptarse a las nuevas condiciones.

Esto dio origen al desenvolvimiento de una tecnica especifica que fuese adecuando e incorporando los continuos avances de la ingenieria. En este documento se tratan las consideraciones iniciales del diseno de los postes tipo tubo; dentro de estas consideraciones se citan: Se ilustra el poste tipo tubo, al igual que el armado del poste, por ultimo se muestra los tipos de cimentaciones precoladas.

Most examples observed through formed on steep, equator-facing slopes in the southern mid-latitudes.