Diccionario jurídico = Law dictionary English-Spanish, inglés-español. by Guillermo Cabanellas de las Cuevas; Eleanor C Hoague. Print book. Spanish. Publication Details Bilingual Law Dictionary/Diccionario Jurídico Bilingüe to those written by Javier Becerra, Guillermo Cabanellas and Eleanor Hoague. Only a limited quantity of the Diccionario remains, so orders are Dictionary, by Guillermo Cabanellas. legal terms to your future Spanish-speaking clients?.

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Merl Publications Publication Date: March Available from: This dictionary, vastly upgraded from the first edition and the glossary that preceded itcovers criminal, civil, administrative, and international law. It includes more than 5, main legal entries and their corresponding single or multiple equivalents. There are more than examples, as well as over 1, definitions and more than 2, synonyms, antonyms, and abbreviations.

It contains terms jurkdico all English- and Spanish-speaking countries.

Although, from the perspective of a translator who works cabanelas into U. English, it might be considered a detriment that terms from the U.


A Review of the Bilingual Law Dictionary/Diccionario Jurídico Bilingüe (Second Edition)

At the beginning of the dictionary is an explanation of how the entries are constructed and a list of the abbreviations used. The entries frequently contain examples of the terms used in context and additional explanations of related legal concepts. In many cases, a functional equivalent or specialized glossary is provided, rather than just a single equivalent term.

In some cases, in addition to a full but cumbersome descriptive term, a more succinct—but not quite as precise—equivalent is given. The dictionary also includes legal jargon or crime-related bioingue not likely to be found in legislation or a penal code.

Individual entries feature citations of relevant sources, which are listed in the extensive bibliography at the end. This volume is refreshingly free of such terms, so every page is worth the investment.

Besides, even in this day of Google searches and the bounties of the internet, you can never have too many dictionaries! She is the author of the Acebo interpreter training manuals and numerous books and articles on translation and interpreting.

She has consulted with many state and private entities on interpreter testing and training, and has presented lectures and workshops to interpreters and related professionals throughout the world. Gain recognition in the industry by sharing your unique knowledge and experience.


Formats and Editions of Diccionario jurídico = Law dictionary []

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