Veja grátis o arquivo A Dieta Anabólica 2 enviado para a disciplina de DIET by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale TABLE OF CONTENTS ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Veja grátis o arquivo A Dieta Anabólica 2 enviado para a disciplina de TRAINING SYSTEMS III ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mauro Di Pasquale has been a. Di Pasquale was an assistant La dieta metabolica di mauro di.

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: Mauro Di Pasquale: Books

Enviado por Rafael flag Denunciar. Today he is one of the most influential voices on drug use in sports as well as one of the top experts in sports nutrition in the world. He was a world class athlete for over 20 years, winning the World Championships in Powerlifting in and the World Games in During his athletic career he was also Canadian champion 8 times, Pan American champion twice, and North American champion twice.

It was as an athlete that Dr. Di Pasquale began the search for an alternative to performance- enhancing drugs that led him to the Anabolic Diet.


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His research and work in the areas of athletic training, performance, and the treatment anabolicz sports-related injuries have also won him praise from athletes, trainers and other researchers.

Di Pasquale holds an honors degree in biological science, majoring in molecular biochemistry, and a medical degree from the University of Toronto. As an assistant professor at the university, he lectures on athletic performance and drug use in sports. Pasquzle you dedicate yourself to living by the percentages the Lords of Lowfat give you. No more than 15 percent fat.

La Dieta Anabolica

You load up on turkey and chicken. You separate the egg whites. You surgically remove all visible fat from any piece of meat. Fact is, the high carbohydrate diet favored by so many bodybuilders can actually work against them.

They bulk up on all those carbs and end up packing on a tremendous amount of bodyfat. Strength levels and personal motivation drops.

You can become irritable. You may look worse. In a world where anabolkca makes up a great part of our social life, the regimen of a high carb diet can quickly make you a social outcast. But you can also find yourself plateauing or even losing lean body mass. As you count down toward contest time, panic can set in.


So, why are you torturing yourself? Especially when there is an alternative that can pack on muscle while keeping bodyfat at a minimum. With the body packing on extra muscle and simultaneously burning pasquaoe dietary and stored body fat, the bodybuilder finds himself twice blessed.

Likewise, many bodybuilders have come to assume that dietary fat smooths the bodybuilder out and blurs definition. Dietary fat, when utilized properly as in the Anabolic Diet, can be the key to growth and success. And while some will see the Anabolic Diet as a new, revolutionary, even dangerous approach to nutrition, its basics actually originated with the dawning of mankind.

Current vegetarians often claim.