I traded my Focusrite Penta for a Digitech VTP-1 Friday. I was looking for a 2 channel pre and figured the EQ would be a bonus and the digital. Find great deals for DigiTech Vtp-1 Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp EQ Converter. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I’ve VTP1 sit in my rack for a long time but still like the look of this unit. I’d like to turn this mic pre to be a usable mic pre with more open high.

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DigiTech Vtp-1 Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp EQ Converter

I was looking for a 2 channel pre and figured the EQ would be a bonus and the digital outs a big plus. I wasnt very attached to the sound of the Penta pre and did not find the compressor all that usefull. I prolly shoulda done digitecj more research first. The PRE gain sound fine until you get to about 3.


From 3 to 5 it gets mildly fuzzy but too much for and acoustic micing for a clean sound and it is totally useless beyond 5 unless your looking for that “telphone voice” distortion.

Not dlgitech up to it And you will never guess.

User reviews: DigiTech VTP-1 – Audiofanzine

This POS has precious little head room. On to sucktion 2. The EQ is not very musical at all and kind of harsh. The bass roll of swith does basically nothing.

You have to manually dial down the low end for a roll off. Maybe it was designed that way but then Digiech is a VERY big difference in sound when flipping the phase switch with a single mic. I’ve never heard a phase switch make this kind of drastic difference.

It was all most as if the phase switch was the bass roll off switch in reverse or something. I actually got more gain with the phase switch flipped and this occured in both channels. The pre just lacks any kind of real character I would almost take the pre’s in my old Berri I cant tell you how utterly disappointed in this I was.


I mean I tried it on my acoustic, elcectric amp, keys direct and my voice and it just toatally underwhelmed in digitsch way. So back it went today and instead I used it to get that monitor upgrade I’ve been putting off. They, in contrast to the pre, sound very very good.

Digitedh thought I’d share that and prehaps warn anyone to try it out extesively before buying a VTP-1 and that I wholeheartedly would NOT recomend this pre. I have one of those pres also Your spot on with what I’ve found with it.

DigiTech VTP-1 opinions?

If you go to recorder it has enough headroom. But others have gotten them to work. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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