Šifra: ECTS: Nositelji: doc. dr. sc. Đana Luša. Izvođači: Đana Luša – Seminar. Prijava ispita: Studomat. Engleski jezik: U dogovoru. Istražila i sastavila: Jana Borovečki,. studentica 3. godine VŠMODDH. Literatura: Svjetlan Berković; Diplomacija i diplomatska profesija. Diplomacija i diplomatska profesija. Berković, Svjetlan, book | scr | | e -access: SFX, link(s).

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Student Life in Berlin: BA in International Relations and Diplomacy: This course is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the origins and development of cultural diplomacy, to allow them to identify cultural diplomacy in practice, and to provide them with the analytical skills to differentiate between cultural diplomacy, propaganda, and advertising.

The course will then move to consider the emergence of cultural diplomacy as a tool during the Cold War, focusing in particular on the practices of the US, Germany, France, and the Soviet Union. The final part of the course will use case studies to compare and contrast propaganda, advertising, and cultural diplomacy.

Course lectures will be complemented by course seminars, during which students will present and discuss selected case studies. Students will be able to recognize and analyze historical cultural diplomacy initiatives and techniques, and differentiate them from one another according to actors, audience, goals, and impact. Students will select a specific historic example of cultural diplomacy to present to the group, and will be able to identify best practice guidelines drawn from their example.

Donfried, M and Gienow-Hecht, J eds.

Courses Description

Searching for a Cultural Diplomacy. Gienow-Hecht, J and Schumacher, F eds. Culture and Eiplomacija History. Nye Jr, JS The Means to Success in World Politics. Snow, N and Taylor, P Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy. The First Resort of Kings: American Cultural Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century.

Academy for Cultural Diplomacy

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A student opinion poll for evaluation of teaching, quality and organization A student opinion poll for evaluating the teaching staff.

The first diplomaccija of the course will consider as case studies the practice of cultural diplomacy in the UK, Japan, Morocco, Cuba, and South Africa. Students will analyse these case studies with a particular focus on funding and control, target audience, methods, timescale, actors and organizations, and aims. Course seminars will complement analytical lectures by providing a platform for prescriptive presentations: Students will select a country or profesijx and be required to suggest appropriate cultural diplomacy initiatives according to its situation.

Baylis, J and Smith, S eds. The Globalisation of World Politics. The Force of Friendly Persuasion.

Council of Foreign Relations. A Distinction and Some Uses. South Africa, Brazil, India and trilateralism. Hegemony and its discontents.

Reflection on the Shallow Concept of Soft Power. Cuban and venezuelan public diplomacy. Diplomatic partners as transversal actors. April Vol 27 Issue 2, pp. China’s soft power influence in Korea. Japanese popular culture in East and Southeast Asia. British attitudes to culture and cultural diplomacy.

Cultural Diplomacy and the Cold War. British Cultural Diplomacy in the Middle East, SummerVol 19 Issue 2, pp. A Case Study of British Practice, The course will analyze the extent to which the process of globalization will influence the future conduct of cultural diplomacy, and will explore the impact of new, innovative forms of cultural diplomacy on the actors involved. Profesjja the first part of the course students will learn about the changing priorities behind cultural diplomacy, and the impact these priorities are having on funding, organization, and volume of activity.

Case studies will be considered from China, Prifesija, and Brazil. The second part of the course will assess a variety of new cultural diplomacy techniques being employed across the world, focusing in particular on hip-hop diplomacy and sports diplomacy. Finally, the students will reflect on how cultural diplomacy is being linked to issues such as human rights, climate change, international terrorism, and poverty. Students will be able to contextualize cultural diplomacy in the development of international relations and related processes: Course profesijz will require students develop and critically asses new forms of civil-society based cultural diplomacy.


Music, Power and Politics. Avant-Garde Music and the Sixties. Jazz, Race and American Cultural Exchange: An International Study of U. Defrance, J and Chamot, JM Expressing a foreign profesijz through a silent cultural activity: The case of sport in French foreign policy after the Second World War. East, MA and Lrofesija, J Diplomacy and Developing Nations: Music and Emotions in Transatlantic Relations. University of Chicago Press: Profesoja cases of Japan, China and India.

Theorizing About Intercultural Dip,omatska. Australia’s Ambivalent Embrace of the Beijing Olympics. Culture in world Politics.

International Affairs Volume 79, Number 2, Marchpp. Culture and Context in World Politics. The Seoul Olympics as Public Diplomacy. Civilizational Dialogue and World Order: The myth and illusion of sport as a tool of foreign diplomacy. Soviet Sport Diplomacy to Russian and East European Studies, Volume 3. Journal of the Leisure Studies Association: Von Eschen, PM Satchmo Blows Up the World: Jazz Ambassadors Play the Cold War.

The course will provide students with a theoretical and practical insight into the concept of nation branding, using international case studies to explore salient issues in the field. Students will learn the theoretical foundations on which nation branding is based, and will understand the key differences between national brands and product brands with regards to the branding process itself.

Through analysis of case studies, students will develop creative techniques for place and nation branding, and will learn criteria though which success can be measured. Identity, Image and Reputation. Anholt, S and Hildreth, J Bellamy, Carol and Weinberg, Adam Brewer, Paul R