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For many critics of this novel, they disliked the ending, ar 3. No current Talk conversations about this book.

Zahra Owens

I Loved both MCs, adorablehuggable and lovable, yum. Aggiungo solo che la bollentissima! If something was disturbing, it was the rather detailed description of the diplomatic side zabra the story.

I wasn’t sure how old the daughter was during her last scene because there had already been a dipolmacy timeline jumps and unless there was a major jump, she was much too precocious to be believed. Become a LibraryThing Author.

Or will they need to sacrifice one for the other? However there were issues, but its important to keep in mind this author isn’t a native English speaker. This book was just right. I was uncertain at first about ordering this title when I realized that one of the main characters was kwens to cheat on his spouse.

He even knows how to cook.

All right, I felt sorry for Maria. Now I found it again, the blurb sounded interesting enough, again: Go Team 6 – Living In Spin!!!

Nice beach read – a little unrealistic especially some of the sex but it is fiction and enjoyable. Oh yes, she doesn’t react well owrns she finds the truth, but how would you women react to such a thing? I have nothing kind to say so I will leave this as the end.


And after months of separation Jack is so ready to forgive Lucas in a blink of an eye without even asking diplomay an explanation. Too cruel, too vindictive, too negative. For many critics of this novel, they disliked the ending, arguing its too drawn out. Maybe if it would be diplomaacy one side thing, never would happened, but Jack has a secret by his own. Jack does cheat on his wife with Lucas and he does it quite deliberately.

Diplomacy by Zahra Owens | LibraryThing

Sep 01, Eric Renoult rated it it was amazing. He had never ever indulged his fantasies about men until Made for odd reading but I enjoyed their romance and was reading frantically to find out how they were going to work out extricating Jack from his marriage. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Yes, life was pretty perfect just the way it was. Again I don’t see the merit in some critics who feel the age dynamic was laboured, in fact I feel it was suitably toned down; lingering in the background. Though this had its quirks, I thoroughly enjoyed this little gem of a book.

Yeah, I didn’t buy it. Also, Lucas leaving Jack without even saying goodbye when Jack was injured, to me it felt just playing the martyr to give more angst to the story and honestly quite an idiotic move.

There was a sparkle when Jack and Lucas first met but it just got dragged out until the entire drama felt overly long. If you crave kink and need a cheap thrill and think to guys doing it is suitably ‘daring’ piss off and read something else.

Diplomacy by Zahra Owens – Elisa – My reviews and Ramblings

Apr 17, Elisa Rolle added it. A very good plot. After all it’s a very classical romance, especially in the final part, and who is used to read romance, will know what I mean. Jack e Luke devono affrontare molte traversie e devono fare dolorose rinunce, ma possono contare sul profondo legame che li lega e sull’amicizia anche t Potete trovare tutte le mie recensioni su http: But not Jack or Lucas can stop to feel what they are feeling, and then they are so perfect together.


The best part of the book is when they become a real couple and wrestle with more mundane issues than making certain someone covers for their absence. Lucas’ position as the British liaison to the American Embassy means they are forced to work together closely and they have a hard time denying the attraction between them, despite their current relationships.

Phrases like the older man, the younger man, the American, the British when they were referring to each other started to feel ridiculous after a while. This isn’t a criticism of having that extra insight into their relationship, if anything I appreciate Owens holding out the plot till we see the marriage.

Their life becomes their own to make of it what they will. Maybe if it all that had been discussed up front? I didn’t feel that at all. Diplomatic circles are notoriously conservative though, and they each know that the right woman by their side makes a very significant contribution to their success. I have to say I lost interest somewhere in the middle of the story even though it wasn’t so dull as to make me abandon it altogether.