daily Sadhana, one may not read the Sanskrit in red letters) This is an b=>Й [= Ev= m=h=tm=n== з there are nine forms of devi called nav durga. they are: 1). Durga Kavach Songs Download- Listen Sanskrit Durga Kavach MP3 songs online free. Play Durga Kavach in Sanskrit by Gundecha Brothers and download . Beautifully formatted Sanskrit texts and stotras in the pdf format, which you Devi Mahatmyam (also known as Durga Saptashati and as Chandi Patha), S,

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Durga Kavach

I am providing the english translation of Devi Kavach. Those who are unable to read Sanskrit or Hindi may read the translation of Devi Kavacha in English and reap the benefits of the same. The Principle is Digbandha Devata.

It is recited as part of Sapta-Shati, to please Jagadamba. O Brahmin, there is Devi Kavach which is most secret and useful to all beings. Please listen to that, O Great Sage. Durga is known by these Names: Prathamam Shailaputrii cha ; DvitiiyaM Brahmachaarinii. Those who remember You sanskrti great devotion indeed have prosperity. Yaistu Bhaktyaa Smritaa Nuunam ; Teshhaa. Those who are frightened, having been surrounded by the enemies on the battlefield, sanslrit are burning in fire, or being at an impassable place, would face no calamity, and would never have grief, sorrow, fear, or evil if they surrender to Durga.

The Goddess Chamunda sits on a corpse, Varahi rides on a buffalo, Aindri is mounted on an elephant and Vaishnavi on a condor. Maheswari is riding on a bull, the vehicle of Kaumari is the peacock, Lakshmi, the Beloved of Shri Vishnu, is seated in a lotus and is also holding a lotus in Her Hand.

The Goddess Ishwari, of white complexion, is riding on a bull and Brahmi, Who is bedecked with all ornaments is seated on a swan.

All the mothers are endowed with Yoga and are adorned with different ornaments and jewels. Khetakam Tomaram Chaiva ; Parashu. All the Goddesses are seen mounted in chariots and very Angry. They are wielding conch, discus, mace, plough, club, javelin, axe, noose, barbed dart, trident, bow and arrows. These Goddesses are wielding Their weapons for Destroying the bodies of demons, for the Protection of Their devotees and for the benefit of the Gods.


Salutations to You, O Goddess, of very dreadful appearance, of frightening valour, of tremendous strength and energy, the Destroyer of the worst fears. O Devi, it is difficult to have even a glance at You. You increase the fears of Your enemies, please come to my rescue. May Goddess Aindri Protect me from the east.

Agni Devata Goddess of Fire from the south-east, Varahi Shakti of Vishnu in the form of the boar from the south, Khadgadharini Wielder of the sword from the south-west, Varuni The Shakti of Varuna, the rain God from the west and Mrgavahini, Whose vehicle is the deer may Protect me from the north-west.

Thus Goddess Chamunda, Who sits on a corps, Protects me from all the ten directions. May Goddess Jaya Protect me from the front and Vijaya from the rear; Ajita from the left and Aparajita from the right. Maalaadharii LalaaTe cha ; Bhruvau Rakshed. May I be Protected by Maladhari on the forehead, Yashswini on the eye-brows, Trinetra between the eye-brows, Yamaghanta on the nose, Shankini on both the eyes, Dwaravasini on the ears, may Kalika Protect my cheeks and Shankari the roots of the ears.

Niilagriivaa Bahihkanthe ; Nalikaa. May Neelagreeva Protect the outer part of my throat and Nalakoobari-windpipe, may Khadgini Protect my shoulders and Vajra-dharini Protect my arms. Naabhau cha Kaaminii Rakshed.

May Narashini Protect my ankles. May Taijasi Protect my feet, may Shri Protect my toes. May Talavasini Protect the soles of my feet. May Padmavati Protect the Chakras, Choodamani-phlegm or lungsJwalamukhi lustre of the nails and Abhedya-all the joints. Brahmani-semen, Chhatreshwari the shadow of my body, Dharmadharini-ego, superego and intellect buddhi.

Vajrahasta-pran, apan, vyan, udan, saman five vital breathsKalyanashobhana-pranas life force. May Yogini Protect the sense organs, that is, the faculties of tasting, seeing, smelling, hearing and touching. Varahi-the life, Vaishnavi-dharma, Lakshmi-success and fame, Chakrini-wealth and knowledge.

Durga Kavach Songs Download: Durga Kavach MP3 Sanskrit Songs Online Free on

N Rakshatu Bhairavii Indrani-relatives, Kawadh, Mahalakshmi-children and Bhairavi-spouse. Supatha may Protect my journey and Kshemakari my way. Mahalakshmi may Protect me in the king’s court and Vijaya everywhere. O Goddess Jayanti, any place that has not been mentioned in the Kavach and has thus remained unprotected, may be Protected by You.

One should invariably cover oneself with this Kavacha by reading wherever one goes and should not walk even a step without it if one desire auspiciousness. Then one is successful everywhere and all one’s desires are fulfilled and that person enjoys great prosperity on the earth.


The person who covers himself with Kavacha becomes fearless, is never defeated in the battle and becomes worthy of being worshipped in the three worlds.

One who reads with faith every day thrice morning, afternoon and eveningthe ‘Kavacha’ of the Devi, which is inaccessible even to the Gods, receives the Divine arts, is undefeated in the three worlds, lives for a hundred years and is free from accidental death.

All disease, like boils, scars, etc. Moveable scorpions and snakes and immoveable other poisons cannot affect him.

doc_devii related Sanskrit Documents in ITRANS script

All those, who cast sanskgit spells by mantras or yantras, on others for evil purposes, all bhoots, goblins, malevolent beings moving on the earth and in the sky, all those who mesmerise others, all female goblins, all yakshas and gandharvas are destroyed just by the sight of the person having Kavach in his heart. That person receives more and more respect and prowess. On the earth he rises in prosperity and fame by reading the Kavacha and Saptashati.

His progeny would live as long as the earth in rich with mountains and forests. By the Grace of Mahamaya, he would attain the highest place that is inaccessible even to the Gods and is eternally blissful in the company of Lord Shiva.

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