EC EMBEDDED AND REAL TIME SYSTEMS SYLLABUS. Posted by Anonymous on PM. To Download 8th sem ->EC EMBEDDED AND REAL. EC EMBEDDED AND REAL TIME SYSTEMS. AIM To give sufficient background for undertaking embedded and real time systems design. OBJECTIVES To. –Useful Blog for all Engineering Students Home; Syllabus Subject: EC Embedded and real time systems. Departments: 8th Sem ECE Regulation.

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The authority to which the applicant ec204 the licence The licencecan be transferred to another Member State is agreed with the authority who initially issued it. The initial one will be ex2042 and the records will be transferred to the authority issuing the new one The licencecan be applied for in any Member State regardless of nationality or place of residence. The applicant must be at least 18 years old. Once a Part licenceis obtained, it is valid and mutually recognisedin all the Member States.

For sailplanes, powered sailplanes, balloons and airships L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 Avionics licence for light aircraft B2L Part licencesare not planned for components they will continue being covered by national rules. ELA2 gas airships, L5: Only for specific tasks listed in the certifying staff authorisation typical tasks are listed in AMC Only for work personally performed no supervision capacity.

B1 and B3 licences Release of maintenance on aircraft structure, powerplantand mechanical and electrical systems.

Part-66: Licensed Maintenance Personnel (Annex III (EC) 2042/2003)

Release of work on avionic systems requiring only simple tests sc2042 prove their serviceability and not requiring troubleshooting. The B1 licence includes the corresponding A licence syllbaus. Release of electrical and avionics tasks within powerplantand mechanical systems requiring only simple tests to prove their serviceability. Release of minor scheduled line maintenance and simple defect rectification, limited to: The tasks listed in their certifying staff authorisation.

The ratings contained in the B2 licence. The B2 licence does not include any A subcategory. Zyllabus Release of base maintenance for the entire aircraft. The aircraft electrical power supply source, plus the distribution system to the different components and relevant connectors. Lighting systems are included, as ec204 as the following typical practices on electrical system cables and connectors: Continuity, insulation and bonding techniques and testing.

Crimping and testing of crimped joints. Connector pin removal and insertion. Any aircraft system that transfers, processes, displays or stores analogue or digital data using data lines, data buses, coaxial cables, wireless or other data transmission medium, and includes the system s components and connectors.

EC Embedded and real time systems | Engineering Students

Examples include the following: A test described in approved maintenance data and meeting all the following criteria: Serviceability can be verified using aircraft controls, switches, BITE, Central Maintenance Computer or external test equipment not involving special training.

  FM AM 1200S PDF

The outcome of the test is a unique go-no go indication or parameter single value or a value within a tolerancewithout any interpretation of the result or interdependence of different values.

No more that 10 steps as described in the approved maintenance data excluding those needed to configure the aircraft for the test or to return it to the initial configuration.

Pushing a control, switch or button, and reading the corresponding outcome may be considered as a single step. The holder of an eec2042 maintenance licence may not exercise its privileges unless: See additional information in AMC Changes in the Basic Knowledge syllabus Appendix I not requiring reexamination of sjllabus licence holders. Persons having 6 months of experience within the last 2 years only for certain similar aircraft AMC Removal of limitations from a converted licence only after examination on the applicable modules, without appropriate experience and, possibly, additional type training.

Meet the Basic Knowledge requirements of Meet the Syolabus Experience requirements of However, only the category A privileges can be excercisedwithout ratings with an A or B1 licence. In order to be endorsed with aircraft ratings, it is required to: Meet the requirements of Only examination is mandatory. The content of basic training if performed has to comply with Appendix I to Part- The content and length number of questions and time of the examinations have to comply with Appendix I and Appendix II to Part Basic training can only be performed in Part organisations.

If performed, it allows a reduction in the Basic Experience required to obtain the licence. Basic examination syllahus be performed in Part organisationsor at the Competent Authority responsible for issuing the licence. Examinations performed at Part organisationscan be used to apply for a Part licence in any Member State. Examinations performed at the Competent Authority are only valid for Part licence application in the Member State of that authority.

Once the licenceis issued, it is valid in any Member E2c042. Between 1 and 3 years. Category B2 and B1. Between 3 and 5 years. Category C for large aircraft: See Appendix IV to Part When the rating is amended in Appendix I, the holder of a licence with the previous type rating is entitled, upon request, to get the dyllabus full type rating without further requirements. It is the responsibility of the licence holder and, if ex2042, the maintenance organisation, to comply with Other relevant tasks may be considered as an alternative.

Should be obtained under supervision of certifying staff. Should be demonstrated by records or logbook. Pressurised aeroplanes, Wooden structure aeroplanes, Aeroplanes with metal tubing structure covered with fabric, Metal structure aeroplanes, Composite structure aeroplanes. For B3 licence if no appropriate experience can be shown syllahus Wooden structure aeroplanes, Aeroplanes with metal tubing structure covered with fabric, Metal structure aeroplanes, Composite structure aeroplanes.


They are exclusions from certification privileges. Limitations referred in Performance of a variety of tasks appropriate to the limitation: Should include the tasks required by a scheduled annual inspection.

Alternatively, may be replaced if agreed by the NAA by: Theoretical and practical training provided by the manufacturer, as long as an assessment is carried out and recorded by the manufacturer.

Certificate of recognition modified: Recent experience still required. Extension of the validity of the basic examinations may be performed for another 10 years by granting examination credits comparison between initial Part Appendix I syllabus when exams were passed and new syllabus at the time of granting credits The remaining recentexperience 6 monthsshould be within the last 7 years before licence application.

The remaining experience as required by Waiting periods for each set of 3 consecutive attempts: The 90 day waiting periods may be reduced to 30 days when additional training is provided by a Part organisation in the area where the candidate failed. Type examination and experience Appendix III, point 5 h: Extension of the year validity of the Part basic examinations may be performed for another 10 years by granting examination credits upon applicant request.

This requires the preparation of a credit report comparing the initial Part- 66 Appendix I ec22042 applicable when ec204 exams were passed with the new syllabus at the time of requesting credits. Theoretical training and syloabus General point 1 a. Theoretical element standard point 3. Examination standard point 4. Practical training and assessment: General point 1 b.

Practical element standard point 3.

EC2042 Embedded and real time systems

Assessment standard point 4. Differences training point 1 c. Type examination standard point 5.

On the Job Training point 6. Type training is composed of theoretical and practical element. The final duration must be justified by a training needs analysis TNA. Must have a content following the Table contained in point 3. There is no duration defined. Each element can be performed by a Part organisation or as directly approved by the NAA. However, it is not part of the Type Training and cannot be provided by a Part organisation.

It must be performed at and under the control of a Part or Subpart F maintenance organisation. It is approved by the NAA issuing the licence. Some tasks should be selected from each paragraph.