Find great deals for Magnetrol Echotel Ultrasonic Level Switch a1a0- Shop with confidence on eBay!. ECHOTEL® Tip sensitive ultrasonic level control. ®. INSTRUCTION MANUAL AND REPLACEMENT PARTS. Nameplate. Serial N°. Tag. MOUNTING. Echotel® Model ultrasonic level switches use ultrasonic contact engineering for measuring level in clean fluid applications. These essentially mounted level.

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Jump to main content. The level switch is often installed into seal pots found in refineries and chemical plants.

Magnetrol Echotel 910 Installation And Operating Manual

Ultrasonic contact switches use a pair of piezoelectric crystals that are encapsulated in epoxy at the tip of the transducer for level measurement. The crystals are made of a ceramic material that vibrates at a given frequency when subjected to an applied voltage. The transmit crystal converts the applied echitel from the electronics into an ultrasonic signal. When liquid is present in the gap, the receive crystal senses the ultrasonic signal from the transmit crystal and converts it back to an electrical signal.


Magnetrol Echotel Ultrasonic Level Switch a1a | eBay

ECHOTEL Model switches utilize ultrasonic energy to detect the presence or absence of liquid in a single point, tip-sensitive transducer. Ultrasonic contact level technology uses high frequency sound waves that are easily transmitted across a transducer gap in the presence of a liquid media, but are attenuated when the gap is dry. Model switches use an ultrasonic frequency of 3 MHz to perform this liquid level measurement in a wide variety of process media and application conditions.

The transducer uses a pair of piezoelectric crystals that are encapsulated in epoxy at the tip of the transducer. This signal is sent to the electronics to indicate the presence of liquid in the transducer gap. When there is no 190 present, the ultrasonic signal is attenuated and is not detected by the receive crystal.

Other approvals are available. Consult factory for more details. Find your local representative or contact us with any questions. Measures level within 0.

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OEM Ultrasonic switches Echotel® – MERCON Sp. z o.o.

Wind View industry details. US en fr de IT ru es. Related articles Stay up to date with the latest of Magnetrol. Level Measurement Solutions for Blending Operations The final step of producing refined petroleum products is blending finished stocks with additives.

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Learn more about level measurement solutions for safe storage of chemicals in refinery plants. Do you want personal advice for your specific control process? Contact your local Magnetrol representative!