Definitive and daring,The Ecopoetry Anthology is the authoritative collection of contemporary American poetry about nature and the environment–in all its glory . The Ecopoetry Anthology has 74 ratings and 9 reviews. Rand said: Quite simply excellent. The editors’ preface more fully describes what ecopoetry is th. This anthology is narrow and deep. Despite the definitive nature of its title, The Ecopoetry Anthology is strictly American. Its editors, poets Laura-Gray Street and .

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The Ecopoetry Anthology | Center for Literary Publishing

Perhaps any attempt to capture changing thought is necessarily rough. There is room in an expanding field to tussle with definitions and find new patterns; it is not yet time to focus discourse too narrowly.

The preface identifies three strands of ecopoetry: This ecoppoetry is hefty: The contemporary section also covers a wide range of poets, including those not necessarily thought of as environmental writers.


With such a large sample, one expects to see everyone included, though this is, of course, impossible. Yet some omissions, such as Hayden Carruth or Amy Clampitt, seem glaring when lesser lights are represented here. Poets have responded to and incorporated these developments, as well as the tension between the symbolic and the ecopostry, feminist critique, the notion of an end of nature, and other ideas into their work.

Ecopoetics as a genre continues to evolve with human understanding of and relationship with the natural world.

The ecopoetry anthology (eBook, ) []

What makes a good ecopoetic anthology given the moving nature of the target? Perhaps only time will tell.

The ecoportry selected a broad sample, and arranged poets in the least fussy of ways: And is that not what poetry has always required? The highest use, then, of this anthology might be the material it provides for the imagination.

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