The Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS) is a policy research and strategic The Occasional Papers examine various issues pertaining to international. ?/ pcoll11, System Details: PDF; Adobe Acrobat Reader required; 60 p.; KB. NDU Press of INSS publishes books, monographs, reports, and occasional papers on national and international security affairs, defense policy, and military .

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Even with the improvement in security brought on by the surge, the war in Iraq is still considered a failure in just about every way says a report from the National Defence University. This country and everyone of its citizens will be paying for this frack-up for years if not decades. These are sad days for the US that we could be so easily mislead by corrupt and weak leaders.

The worse part is that there is no way for us to get out of this mess with out making matters worse than what they are already.

Pentagon institute call Iraq war “a major debacle” — Forums

Way to go folks!! Only took them 5 years to get onboard.

I would like to occasional_paprrs point out that the War in Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein was a smashing excuse the pun success.

Remember when Saddam was toppled?

Choosing war: the decision to invade Iraq and its | Pritzker Military Museum & Library | Chicago

Al Quada was not in Iraq, and we were greeted as liberators? Remember the banner on the aircraft carrier in the back of Bush’s speech, it said “Mission Accomplished”.

That was before Wolkawicz and his Alice in Wonderland crew took over. If diplomats are half assed competent, there is no need for war. Problem is there was no reason for the war in Iraq in the fist place. Bush cooked it up and pretty much all of Congress signed off on it. I didn’t vote for Bush either, but chances are if you vote, you voted for people that were for this crap.

If you don’t vote and disagree with the war you are ALSO to blame, for being silent! Now the Pentagon says it’s a bad idea? I am shocked that they even noticed that the Cold War is over yet.

Now come on, the election was not that long ago.

As for occasionalpapers National Defense University, I guess we should just hang it up and pull out now that they have finally chimed in. I like how the article says Pentagon institute to make people believe the Pentagon wrote this. As the lead key judgment in the. In conclusion, the war in Iraq and its aftermath have exposed a. One hopes that, for all of. So occasonal_papers, like i said before. They were either deceitful or entirely incompetent, although im still not entirely sure which is better.


That whole document reads like a list of Government insx in the decission to go to war, and i must admit i am rather surprised to see you post it To me it just seems to strengthen the argument that the Iraq was was a product of incompetency. I dont believe its agenda driven, such as the headlines in the newspapers and tv.

I still think Bush processed what he was fed ofcasional_papers. I take offense to him being the patsy in this debacle. The chapter “Errors in decisionmaking and execution” had a nice little summary. In every case, assumptions are. Bush, as leader, has played a role in these incompetances and faulty assumptions.

Pentagon Institute Calls Iraq War &#39a Major Debacle&#39 with Outcome &#39in Doubt&#39

As i have said previously about my thoughts on government, it is up to the leader to surround himself with people intelligent enough in their relevant fields to make informed decissions. When it works both the leader and his advisor should be praised It looks like you’re new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!

April in Off-Topic Discussion. He was selected by the people he’s making rich at the moment. I’d like to bitch-slap a few politicians Just like in Vietnam, our military won the war, what we lost was the peace. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Give a fish a man and he will eat for a month!

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I find nothing in credible sources to support the notion that the WMD threat was concocted by U. Government officials and then sold to a gullible public, nor do I believe that any occasional_paprrs Iraqi source tricked us into our beliefs. We now know that there were many holes in our knowledge base, but senior officials and analysts were almost universally united in their core beliefs.

We judge that Iraq has continued its weapons of mass destruction WMD programs in defiance of UN resolutions and restrictions. Baghdad has chemical occasional_papfrs biological weapons as well as missiles with ranges in excess of UN restrictions; if left unchecked, it probably will have a nuclear weapon during this decade.


According to the U. For him, there were real imss to be gained by letting his enemies believe he possessed WMD, whether it was true or not. In conclusion, the war in Iraq and its aftermath have exposed a flawed decisionmaking inxs and weak decision execution mechanisms.

In planning for and executing operations in Iraq, basic organizations, organizational cultures, operational procedures, and legislative support systems all have been found wanting and in need of fundamental reform. Our National Security Council staff, Cabinet departments, and especially our Congress have not yet adapted to the demanding requirements occawional_papers 21 st -century complex contingencies.

One hopes that, for all of its problems, the decision to invade Iraq and subsequent operations there may point the way to national security reform. Very interesting read though. Speculation about what people may have believed is useless.

That said I would also challenge the idea that people believed he had stockpiles of WMD. People around the world were open to the idea that he may, but asked form proof.

Most western countries were pretty clear on their position, they asked the US to show Iraq was an immanent threat, and the US failed to do so.

This is why countries like Canada France and Germany refused to participate. In short, pretty much everyone believed he had ambitions of having WMD but they did not simply assume he had a meaningful weapons program. Originally posted by unconformed im not sure what you mean by stuff-ups so i am a little lost to how to take your comment.

These initial assumptions were a thread that ran through many missteps, and thus it is important to ask where assumptions come from. In every case, assumptions are affected by wishful thinking, stress, predispositions of the key actors, uncertainty, and the process used to arrive at decisions.

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