Ehmedê Xanî’den: Mem û Zîn () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Dîwan has 1 rating and 0 reviews. Tezhîbê zerefşan kir serlewhê kîtaba ‘ işqResma ezelî kêşa, neqşê xwe newalîn daAşk kitabının baş levhasını altın suy.. . About Ehmedê Xanî: Profile in Kurdish: ئەحمەدی خانیAhmad Khani, Ahmad-i Khani or Ehmede Xani (Kurdish: Ehmedê Xanî, –) was a Kurdish writer.

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The work piece is estimated to be written out for the students studying at the madrassa religious school. My story of making after the missing works of one of the greatest poets of the Kurdish story, in other words, began just with a legend. This myth was pointing the libraries of historical mosques as a hemede.

To start with, I began a search in the libraries of written works, such as Mevlana, Karatay and Yusufaga libraries. I kept making a search for about a year but I could find nothing in the end.

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After that, I xwni my search in the libraries of the historical mosques in the surrounding. The school book-type work, which includes a part named Madrassa, consists of 27 pages and 11 chapters. Some pages of the book are damaged due to bad storage and the last chapters and the back cover are missing.


The scientific language of the work corroborates this argument. Including chapters on Islamic history, jurisprudence, and geography, the work also consists of information widely available in the Islamic world about astronomy.

Dîwan (Ehmedê Xanî Külliyatı, #4) by Ehmedê Xanî

It is attention grabbing that the first word of sentences in each chapter is written in red. The work is written in Arabic but some some explanations are in Kurdish. And it is a real mystery how this work came to this mosque in Konya.

There is also another possibility that this work was brought to Konya by Kurdish scholars who came to the madrsasas in Konya from the Bitlis Nuh Beg madrassa. It is also known that some handwritten works had been collected from various provinces of Ehmedf and brought to Konya in the s for maintenance.

Seyhmus Yuksekkaya: In the Footsteps of Ehmede Xani – The Relevance of His Poems Today

The work may also have been brought to Konya among these handwritten works. It is also a common egmede in Konya that Xani, who is one of the most important milestones of the Classic Kurdish literature, has many other work pieces on the Kurdish literature apart from these notes.


Because a large number of Kurdish scholars moved to Konya and founded madrassas where religious training was given in Kurdish language. Guerrillas seize weapons from Turkish forces in Sidekan – Footage. Internationalist Elefterya Hambi in Deir ez-Zor. Erdogan, hands off Kurdistan. Zani activists in solidarity with Rojava.

We betrayed the Kurds. Three mercenaries killed in Afrin.

Italian edition of Make Rojava Green Again now out. Mountain Cinema, filming the fight for freedom.

Serdem Library opened in refugee camp in Shehba. Mesopotamia Cultural Centre celebrated its 27th anniversary.