El experto en la mesa de juego: un tratado sobre la ciencia y el arte de manipular las cartas. Front Cover. S. W. Erdnase. Frackson, – pages. Pocket Expert At The Card Table by Erdnase. EL EXPERTO EN LA MESA DE JUEGO (S. W. Erdnase). € *. S.W.E by Ellusionist. € *. El Experto En . EL EXPERTO EN LA MESA DE JUEGO (S. W. Erdnase). El Experto en la mesa de Juego – Erdnase. € *. Still in stock can be shipped within 1 days.

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One of the card sleight fundamentals that we feel is an absolute must to have in ones repertoire in their arsenal of sleights!!! Nothing better doing this during down time in Vegas. Love a bit of ink, and S. His coin manipulation was said to have rivaled that of T.

He later on moved to California and years later unfortunately passed away in an auto accident oa Mojave. I am back on the programme. A re-study with my own interpretation, annotations, opinions and reflections. The more I study this mes, the more I am blown away by what it has to teach me.

I do not consider myself a gambling expert, far from it. This book is for all Sleight of Hand Artist who are passionate about playing cards. The Legerdemain section is a course in cardmanship for entertainment purpose. I have been doing my own dissertation. It is taking forever.

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I am in no hurry to complete it. This is what stacking equations are for, and dealing for someone else is using stacking equations at their most complex. The best kind of job you can get as a card mechanic in my opinion is as a “hired dealer”, where a client hires you as a dealer and messa the winnings with you to make sure they win, or least cash out having made a certain expected amount.

So from a hired dealer’s position, I’m dealing the four aces to the 4th player in action. One ace 3rd on the flop, last ace on the river. In real life I would never deal this hand. Its just for the video’s sake. Also I typically dont use a erdnqse mat because off the beaten path poker is often played without a ervnase surface.

Always have an “average” looking handle on the cards when doing this stuff. Nothing fancy, and its important to shuffle at speed. Too slow and you’re fucked. If you’re sitting on a big lq of chips and you handle cards exceptionally clean, people will notice.

If you’re slow it’s an obvious tell that you’re expperto too close attention to the cards. You want to be precise while drawing absolutely no attention to your card handling itself. Mimic the average skill level at the card table the best you can and remain consistent. I would normally do some cuts during the shuffle and one at the end, exxperto this is the straightforeward demonstration of the stack alone.


Not a full routine. While I currently dont have much time to film, I figure I’ll just repost some older card cheating clips. There was once a time when I depended on these skills. I’m glad that time is over. Dealing the card second from top retains the top card so that I can deal it when, where and to whom I want.

Reparticion de segunda carta tutorial

The art of dealing the second card from the top. The card cheat will use this method of false deal, to retain a desired card at the top of the deck; until they can deal it to themselves or their accomplice.

Erdnase System of Stock Shuffling: The best magicians of the 21st century set out on a journey to search for the lost author of the most mysterious book on the art of sleight of hand.

I’ve been inspired by edkwon lately. He handles cards in a beautiful way and shares so much, keep an laa out for his live streams and watch whenever you can! Never leave home without it. We are long term fans of your magic and brilliant card designs. Respect for the art is the name of the game. There’s a fine line between a thief and a hustler. A thief will rob you from behind your back.

A hustler robs you in front of your face. But the difference between the two is irrelevant to the victim.

The only way to protect yourself is to trust no one. And even so, unless you’re familiar with the art of the hustler he’ll take you for what you’re worth every time.

Someone recently asked me how I got into magic. I was a kid in Gatlinburg TN at a magic show, the magician needed a volunteer and picked me. I spent my childhood wrapped up in gimmicks and props that did the work for you.

When I was in college I decided that I wanted to learn as much about cards as possible- something that will take the rest of my life to truly master.

This is a straightforeward demo of riffle stacking. I’m dealing myself 4 aces which I would never do in real life.

Just demonstrating the stacking itself, and the result of stacking equations which are very important. The cards in between are the variables. Nothing is quite as it appears, and nothing is random. Every action is done with intent and serves a specific purpose. Every move must be precise, natural and undetectable to the untrained eye. Your opponent must be ignorant to your abilities, as it is imperative to have him convinced that you are nothing more than an average player.

In fact, the more novice a cheat can make themselves seem while controlling the game the better. This is the hustler’s philosophy. It is the intention of the mechanic to control and decieve, not to impress.


Comparte con nosotros tus revelaciones. Nowadays when playing cards for money, its usually required that you use a cut card which remains on the bottom of the deck while you deal, rendering the bottom deal obsolete. The Greek deal is the solution to the cut card. It allows you to deal your bottom cards while retaining the cut card on the very bottom. In other words, it functions like a second deal from the bottom of the deck.

Can you guess which move I am reading here. One of my original and most favourite moves that I use almost everyday. You can learn it at WWW.

I’m always thinking of cards, coins, cubes, and other objects as the tool belt of magicians. One of my favourite tools are the 52 pieces of cardboard that live in my hand. How long of a show can you do with just eo normal pack of cards? People always confuse eo necessity to have a script with the strategy to creating one.

Some create better with a pen and a paper and a cup of tea, others write a script better live in the moment on stage.

How do you make your script? Creating and releasing tension is the name of the game for our art form. The capturing and redirecting of attention. Those 3 seconds of silence before you turn over the card Shoutout to cardmagicbyjason for discussing the ups and downs of tension with me in episode Link in bio! Erdjase your act, but spend the performance time thinking about character. Egdnase ask me how I stay motivated to practice and rehearse all day.

This is the answer. We can learn a lot by comparing our feelings about movies, and our feelings about magic. Especially if we look at how the best in the world did it Alfred Hitchcock! Shoutout to the experrto cardmagicbyjason for all his amazing words jiego episode !! First learn from the best. Does erdnase still matter? Let me know what you think!

Thanks to tomrosemysteries for helping me get back into Erdnase and really appreciate how much is in this book.

El Manuscrito 10..pdf

Super pumped about sharing episode a few days late with the wildly talented jasonenglandmagic! You might not know, but Jason was one of those people who just attending his workshop as a kid made a huge impact on my interest in magic and card magic specifically. Listen to us talk about gambling, cheating, and the importance of the expert at the card table. If you ever wanted a quality hard-bound version of Erdnase’s masterpiece, look no further.

Available on my website WWW. This is beautifully done Joe and Rosa. The photos are stunning.