Elasticos intermaxilares – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Elásticos intermaxilares! Existem muitas indicações e variações, seja para movimentação ou para ancoragem, os elásticos intermaxilares na ortodontia. EFICACIA DE LOS ELÁSTICOS INTERMAXILARES EN EL TRATAMIENTO DE ORTODONCIA. Public. · Hosted by Dentoshop. Interested.

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Fit for the future Preparados para el futuro You achieve true perfection once you are well-versed in your craft. After years our craft has remained consistent and true. We strive to create the best in the products we build, just as our customers strive to create perfect treatment results. Our heritage in invention and problem solving remain strong. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best products to help them succeed — all the way from the Black Forest to your practice.

We believe that innovation is constant and we need to be always blazing new paths forward. Our German heritage is well known for designing and precision manufacturing. We value our partnership with the dental profession and share a passion to help continuously improve the standard of care they provide their patients.

Our supply chain reaches over 80 countries worldwide and on all continents. We are focused on developing innovative products by listening to the orthodontists we partner with. All around the world our customers have a deep appreciation for the intermaxilaes they practice and for which they require the best products to practice with. More than years, our customers count on us to deliver those products! Trabajamos para pacientes satisfechos que manifiestan su agradecimiento con ibtermaxilares sonrisa perfecta.

The company’s quality management intermxailares complies with the requirements of legal regulations for manufacturers of medical devices and the international stan- dards: El sistema de control de calidad de elastios empresa cumple con los re quisitos de las disposiciones legales para fabricantes de productos sanitarios y de las normativas internacionales: All our brackets are of course available in both of these systems.

However, as an innovative company, we know that development is an ongoing process, which is why our range also includes a number of exceptional systems such as the Physio Dynamic System by Dr. Sin embargo, como la empresa innovadora que somos, sabemos que el elsticos debe ser continuo.

The McLaughlin Bennett 5. Andrews, has repeatedly undergone modifications and adjustments. Improvements that were always in line with the life goal of Dr. John Bennett are now presenting the latest version of the bracket system. Andrews, ha estado sometida a constantes modificaciones y ajustes. McLaughlin y el Eoasticos. Roncone uses active brackets to achieve a highly aesthetic and stable result without using slot-filling techniques. This enables particularly gentle treatment, intermxxilares as a result, enhanced patient comfort.


De esta forma, el tratamiento resulta extraordinariamente suave y ofrece una excelente comodidad para el paciente.

Therefore, the aims of a stable functional occlusion, in addition to dental and facial aesthetics, are goals that cannot be waived. Intermqxilares many years, the group has accumulated a vast amount of clinical experience, which has been backed by clinical studies and evidence. Nothing has changed in the philosophy they defend.

It is still the guide that focuses FACE on attaining their aims. Las mayores ventajas en un vistazo. The clip has two different opening mecha- nisms. You can either open it from vestibular or from gingival. A reinforced clip reduces unintended deformation through incorrect opening.

Brackets Autoligables – técnica vestibular y lingual

When the clip is opened gingivally a notch on the pad margin guides the probe automatically to the clip. The clip is closed in the standard way by applying gentle finger pressure. El clip se abre desde gingival por medio de una sonda. Well rounded bracket and elasticoos edges as well as contact ribs in the bracket slot ensure controlled force transfer with minimal friction. Binding and notching, which often occurs with con- ventional brackets, is prevented by four ribs within the slot.

As the archwire only rests on two contact points in this case, it has greater clearance and therefore ensures friction-free sliding. This in turn accelerates integration of the canines. They eliminate the need elastucos laboriously threading the archwire into the conventional molar tubes. The distal bending of the wire can now be performed extrao- rally.

De este modo, se elimina el engorroso ligado del arco en el tubo molar habitual. El corte distal del arco se puede hacer ahora de forma extraoral.

Maximised bond strength thanks to hook- based design. The sideways toothing ensures optimum retention and supports simple debonding. Adherencia fiable gracias a la base con frmas de ganchos. Accordingly, an additional force system can be set up, for example to enable use of an overlay archwire or for indirect anchoring strategies that use mini screws.

Right Left Slot. Right Left 1. Cases with molar brackets. Casos con brackets para molares. Con base 3D y con gancho. Right Left Right Left Slot. Right Left Right Left B B B B 1. But keep in mind: Please indicate if you prefer this option. Pero tenga en cuenta: Minimal friction — active control during treatment. This enlargement of the slot provides greater clearance for the archwire, which in turn greatly reduces the friction of the archwire in the slot.

El origen es claro: The greater clearance of the archwire in the passive slot is more beneficial with dia- stema closure when using large archwires than active brackets that have less clear- ance in the slot.


This produces more rapid diastema closure, as the illustrated treat- ment example shows. The original correct midline Fig. Para el cierre de diastemas con arcos de grandes dimensiones resulta ventajosa la mayor holgura del arco en el slot pasivo, frente a los brackets activos con menor juego en el slot.

La inicialmente correcta figs. The flexible clip actively supports tooth movement in this case. The clip is passive with archwires up to slot-filling dimensions of. En este caso, el clip flexible favorece activamente el movimiento del diente. En arcos de hasta. QuicKlear only to be used from vestibular!

Easy to handle, reasonably priced and no lab costs. This bracket system is a cost effective way to introduce lingual orthodontics into any practice. Through the special self ligating wings the archwire can be easily inserted from the occlusal. The clip can be easily opened from the occlusal with a special explorer and closed with the Weingart-Ultralight wire plier.

Clip Optimised clip assures a better wire control and intermaxilarees opening. Round wires with a maximum diameter of.

Forestadent catálogo No. 35

El clip puede abrirse sencillamente desde oclusal con un explorador especial y cerrarse de nuevo con la pinza Weingart ultraliviana. Thus they are hardly noticeable for the patient and the ability to speak is not affected.

The first treatment phase can be achieved remarkably fast. Lingual intermqxilares Tubo lingual Mini Ants 1. Auxiliary Accesorios Order No. Bordes redondeados y cuatro aletas de contacto en el slot reducen los efectos de notching and binding. The bracket is available for the upper and lower Removed without chipping and fracturing. The special Pauls-Tool makes it easy.

Fast, discreet, more comfortable than ever before.

Cuatro puntos redondeadas de contacto en el slot reducen los efectos de “binding” y “notching”. Wider clip for improved transmission of rotation, angulation and torque. Please indicate if you prefere this option. CC CC Content in all kits: Special surface treatment also thickens the surface, making it particularly smooth and reducing the build-up of plaque and bacteria.

Fast results Rounded slot inserts considerably reduce arch friction in the slot. The intermaxilared improvement in transmission of force means fast treatment results. Sophisticated design All Sprint brackets have an anatomically curved base. Hook-shaped undercuts on the base allow for better retention than with a mesh base. On removal of the brackets, a significant amount of adhesive remains on the base rather than on the tooth.