This category contains all of the Eldar Corsair bands currently known to the Ordo Xenos of the Inquisition. Just tried putting together a Corsair list in Battle Scribe, and it hit me – without any HQ options, and without the Asuryani or Drukhari. With the decent Eldar leadership and the fact that you likely aren’t going to be using any large units of Corsairs this is actually pretty helpful.

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As the name implies, they are nomadic fleets of space pirates. They mostly consist of former Craftworld Eldar walking forsairs path of the Outcast, although others are Dark Eldar who left Commorragh. They can be seen as a sort of half-way point between the two: The Corsairs are said to be the closest faction to the original Eldar before the Fall.

Free from the bondage of the Path, they can explore the full extent of sensation in the universe without restraint. Their strong passions means coraairs they are capable of both acts of great cruelty and kindness depending on their whims.

Although they resort to piracy to survive due to lacking a economic support structure like a Craftworld or Epdar, it is mainly motivated by the fact that without the War Mask taught through the Path of the Warrior, Eldar can easily get addicted to the pleasures of battle and killing.


Many Corsairs eventually grow out of this youthful rebellious phase and return to their Craftworld, though others fall so deep into depravity that their souls are consumed by Slaanesh or they become Dark Eldar themselves. Only those with the strongest wills can stay as a Corsair permanently without falling over the edge.

A Corsair Fleet is lead by what the Imperium names a Corsair Prince, although such is their narcissism that none share the same title. These ancient beings tend to be consumed by a singular obsession, be it indulgence in the hedonism that lead to the Fallquenching their ever-lasting thirst for murderthe pursuit of exotic technologies and elixirs in a quest for immortalityor the pursuit of power through forbidden sorcery.

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Beneath him are the Barons, each of whom lead a Coterie of Corsair troops. Infighting is very common, with each Corsair harboring within himself the desire to become Prince and each Coterie considering the others within the fleet as rivals.

Corsairs are essentially a pretty irrelevant faction. Despite being one of the Eldar subfactions most likely to vorsairs humans, the fact that they tend to prey on civilian ships means that they rarely get involved in any significant wars unless they’re ledar out a Craftworld. The only real famous Corsairs are Prince Yriel and Yvraineboth of whom abandoned their roles as Corsair Princes to move onto greater things, and Duke Sliscuswho is just a Dark Eldar who lives on a ship instead of in the Webway.


Eldar Corsairs

Despite this, Forge World gave them rules as a tabletop faction in their book Doom of Mymerea. These rules wldar a lot of flavor, and are the main source of lore about their units, but sadly in the shift to 8th Edition they lost a lot of their units, including their commanders, making a pure Corsair army impossible unless you run them as Ynnari.

Eeldar you should, since coraairs the other Aeldari factions they don’t lose any of their gimmicks to do so. If you want an idea of what life as a Corsair is like, the book “Path of the Outcast” deals with an Eldar from Alaitoc who becomes a Rangerthen joins a Corsair fleet, rises to the rank of Prince, only to make some stupid mistakes and lose it all.

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