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Thursday, 31 March The Criminal Trespass. As mentioned in my previous post, on 17 January the Mahkamah Rayuan Syariah Selangor had ruled that my ex-wife’s Ex-Parte Syariah High Court Order dated 6 October “Ex-Parte Order” is not enforcable on grounds that My ex-wife had failed to file in the “Kes Induk” for within 14 days; and My ex-wife had failed to serve the order to me within 10 days as provided for in the Ex-Parte Order.

An ex-parte hearing is when a party wishes to get a temporary court order on grounds of urgency. The other keularga i. The question is, is this really fair that the courts would grant such an order without giving a chance undang-unfang equitably listening to the views of the respondent? The Ex-Parte Court Order obtained by my ex-wife amongst others was to Freeze all my bank accounts and shares Injunct me from dealing with and remaining in the matrimonial home Injunct me from removing any items from the matrimonial home Allow her to enter into sepangor matrimonial home to take posession of her personal belongings After obtaining the Ex-Parte Court Oeluarga, my ex-wife’s lawyers undang-undangg served the order to the banks on 7 and 8 October Nothing else was done.

They did not even attempt to file in the “kes induk”. It is therefore clear, that the purpose of obtaining the order was NOT on equitable grounds but merely to cripple me financially.

That is completely unethical and clearly hitting below the belt! Over the course of the next few months, everyone appeared to have been focussed on the “Hadhanah” case and have completely forgotten about the “Harta Sepencarian” case. My ex-wife was subsequently notified on 2 September By the time I got to the front door, the locksmith and a packer had climbed over the fence and was attempting jndang-undang dismantle the autogate. It was clear that they wanted to gain entry into my house. Upon my objections, my ex-wife and her lawyer insisted that keluarva are enforcing the Ex-Parte Court Order.

I could not get hold of my lawyer as he was attending a course. During the next few hours, the locksmith cut keluatga replaced all the locks in my house.

The packers packed and took away sofa sets, cupboards, bed, electrical keluarva, curtains, flower pots, TV cabinet, pots and pans, wall clock, home furnishings etc. I was then asked to leave the house. My ex-wife completely disregarded my objections claiming that she has a “court order”. This keuarga a BIG mistake.

Naturally, after the event, I lodged a police report. As I was clear that the Ex-Parte Court Order is no longer enforcable, the next day I came over with a grinder, cut the locks and regained entry into the house.

The house was in a complete mess. Upon checking, I also found personal items missing.

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Why on earth didn’t the lawyer see this? It is not about setting aside or cancelling the wretched court order. It is plain simple that it cannot leluarga enforced due to my ex-wife’s failure well her lawyer’s failure to be exact to comply with certain provisions of the law. Looking back, their motives are clear. The lawyer, who apparently Enakemn NOT been granted a Sijil Amalan Guaman Syarie Negeri Selangor, therefore has no authority or qualification to act as a syariah lawyer in the State of Selangor, selqngor have completely forgotten about the day requirement to file in the “kes induk”.

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She may have panicked after learning that I had done so and probably realised that the Ex-Parte Court Order’s validity is in doubt. The rest is history. Posted by Larry B at Wednesday, 30 March Wali Hakim Mystery solved! I received a call from my officemate this afternoon informing me that a process server i.

Larry’s Syariah Journey: March

The process server was from the legal firm that has been representing my ex-wife in all her syariah cases both in the State of Selangor and wronfully in Kuala Lumpur. Apparently it was a “Saman Mahkamah PJ” form my ex-wife. The process server insisted that the documents are to be served to me personally. As I was not there, he said that he will return the next day.

Once again, I was rather stumped. My colleague could not tell me whether it was Mahkamah Syariah or Mahkamah Sivil. So a simple call to the Mahkamah Rendah Syariah Petaling Jaya confirmed as expected and feared that she filed in an application to “faraqkan” my previous marriage with her. The court officials were also dumbfounded after learning that we were already divorced!

I think her motives are clear.

It appears that she is willing to put to question the status of my children simply to gain custody. Why put herself first before the children? Doesn’t she have the slightest of care or concern for her own children’s future? I shall restrain myself from making any further comments on her. For now, I am still in a state of shock.

Sometime in mid-Maya partner from the syariah legal firm that represents me reported that he bumped into my ex-wife and her boyfriend in the Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court building.

At first, we thought nothing of it. Afterall, we were informed that they have been asked to appear before the Mahkamah Rendah Syariah Petaling Jaya on 24 June to be charged for khalwat. A Syariah Court proceeding in Kuala Lumpur? This is clearly stated in Section 4 of the said enactment. So what on earth was she doing in the Kuala Lumpur Syariah Courts?

After some investigative work, we found out that she made an application for “Penentuan Wali” for her planned marriage with her boyfriend.

In her application, she wrongfully affirmed and misrepresented to the Mahkamah Rendah Syariah Kuala Lumpur that she was living in Kuala Lumpur. If convicted may be fined not more than RM3, or 2 years imprisonment or both.

What was she up to? Firstly, why make the application in Kuala Lumpur? Secondly, why the “Penentuan Wali” application? As discussed in my previous post, her rights to child custody will be affected if she remarried. As for the “Penentuan Wali”, my guess at that time is that her father did not consent to the marriage and refused to be her “wali”.


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However, based on her application, she claims that her parents were legally married in the Philippines in but have no documents to prove this. After migrating to Sabah, and after her birth inher parents still did not have any documentary proof of their marriage.

It is for this reason that they had to “bernikah” again in As the only documentary proof of her parents marriage is after the date of her birth, she probably wanted to use a “Wali Hakim” to solemnise her proposed marriage so that there will be no ambiguity whatsoever to the validity of her marriage.

I find this rather strange. She didn’t raise this issue when we got married. Why raise it now? I was rather annoyed that she tried to conceal her marriage in order to prejudice my child custody claim. I subsequently checked with the marriage registrar at JAWI and I was informed that my ex-wife and her boyfriend remarried on the same day 10 November using a keluarya Hakim”.

So the BIG question is, why appeal against the 26 May court’s decision? Since the court had ruled that her father should be her “Wali” and she subsequently got married using her father as her “Wali”, then why on earth appeal against the decision after benefiting from it??? What is she up to? Why is she so adamant to use a “Wali Hakim”? As far as I am aware, “Wali Hakims” are used for children born out of wedlock or in circumstances where the “Wali” cannot be found.

To say that her father cannot be found doesn’t make sense as he was the one who became her “Wali” on 29 May Or did he not? If such is her grand plan, then she is truly kelyarga. It means that they can still carry my name i. There will be no effect whatsoever on custody. So the big question is Out of 4, one should know. I am still stumped. What’s their grand plan? Sunday, 27 March How it ended up this way. The order was served on my wife now ex-wife on 16 July My application exhibited all the key evidences of her kfluarga marital affair.

I simply could not understand why.

About undang-undabg week after the order was served on her, she tried to file in the “kes induk” or the main custody case. This was her first attempt to fight back and to nullify my interim custody order.

An ex-parte order cannot stand on its own. It must have an underlying “kes induk” or main case. Her application was rejected. About a week after that, I spoke to her. In response, she mentioned to me that she had no choice but to fight in order to show to the children that she had purportedly never abandoned them; and prove iwlam family, friends and business partners that she allegedly never had an extra marital affair. Looking back, it is for this reason that she is now at the time of writing in eslangor complete mess and desperate.

Was she using my ex-wife a “guinea pig”?