Title, Atlas à l’usage du cours d’entomologie médicale. Author, Henri Schouteden . Published, Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan. The term medical entomology (entomologie médicale) was used for the first time .. The grand cours accepted both French and foreign physicians, veterinarians. Consulter la liste des domaines et cours dispensés par l’Institut Pasteur pour choisir son parcours et son programme de formation.

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En agriculture, les entomologistes actifs en phytoprotection se regroupent au laboratoire de recherche de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu et au Service de la protection des cultures du MAPAQ, mdicale que dans leurs stations de recherche de terrain. At the turn of the 20th century, the economic importance of agricultural and forest products had reached a sufficient level for applied entomology to develop its own identity.

Entomologists abundantly published on the life cycle of insect pests, their damages, and early efficient insect pest control using what were then primitive and dangerous insecticides. For decades, Ernest-Melville DuPorte, while working at Macdonald College, was at the centre of medicaoe education and fundamental research in entomology in Quebec.

Dr Emilie Bosquée

Following the Second World War, the demand for food products and wood fibre grew at an unprecedented rate, and so did the need to control insect pests, in the new era of synthetic chemicals such as the DDT insecticide. Due to pressure from the forest industry, the spraying of Quebec forests with chemical insecticides expanded systematically and, for decades, was mainly determined by the cyclic abundance of the spruce budworm. At the end of the s, applied entomology in Quebec slowly took an ecological turn, marked by environmental concerns about chemical insecticides, more attention given to natural control, and a renewed interest in biological control agents.


Fundamental research on insects and higher education in entomology expanded in both established and newly created university centres. The recent decades were marked by the arrival of genetically modified crops that are highly resistant to target pests, and the imminent consequences of global warming on the abundance and diversity of insect pests.

Entomology as a professional activity benefited from the arrival of many women in research centres and universities; however, there is now some concern about the noticeable decline in the recruitment of specialized entomologists cors public services and universities, and an uncertain economic future. Caulfield et C. Couper comme membre fondateur Beaulieu ; Moore ; Perron Ils y travaillaient notamment sur les pucerons de la pomme de terre comme vecteurs de maladies virales. Robert Gobeil en est le premier directeur, suivi de L.

Forest Service et C.

Les cours Pasteur – Centre d’enseignement Institut Pasteur

Des forestiers du U. Heimberger des services forestiers canadiens. Paquet pour entomoloyie MTF. Les entomologistes Wolfgang Quednau Ph. Le biologiste entomologiste Michel Cusson Ph.


Cusson a fait son doctorat avec Jeremy McNeil en collaboration avec le physiologiste des insectes bien connu Stephen S.

Tobe University of Toronto. EnWilliam H. Keith McEwan Couurs Ph. EnRobin K.

Cependant, enKevan recrute le professeur Stewart B. En etBill Yule Ph. La professeure Jacqueline Bede Entomologle.

Agronome de formation, Huot avait fait son doctorat avec A. Les toxines du B. EnJeremy N. EnJacques Brodeur Ph. Lucien Auclair devient professeur de physiologie des insectes.

Les travaux pionniers de J. La Sorbonne, Paris en et L.

Domingos Duarte de Oliveira Ph. Avec les microbiologistes Jacques Boisvert D. University of Alberta et Guy Charpentier Ph.

Extraits de l’évolution de l’entomologie appliqué… – Phytoprotection – Érudit

Mentionnons, entre autres, Lucie Royer Ph. Mentionnons en plus Jade Savage Ph. Phytoprotection8979— Phytoprotection 89, n o