El término de espondilolistesis degenerativa fue acuñado por Newman1 en La clasificación del grado de espondilolistésis de Mayerding sigue siendo la más. Dutch, degeneratief; spondylolisthesis, spondylolisthesis; degeneratief. Spanish, espondilolistesis degenerativa (trastorno), espondilolistesis degenerativa. Publisher: La espondilolistesis es el desplazamiento de un cuerpo vertebral en con diagnóstico de espondilolistesis degenerativa con canal lumbar estrecho.

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Experiencia del tratamiento de espondilolistesis lumbar degenerativa de un solo segmento con espaciador interespinoso. Experience in the treatment of degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis of just one segment using in interspinous implant.

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Os pacientes tinham dor irradiada espondilolisstesis o membro inferior direito em Coluna vertebral; Dor lombar; Espondilolistese; Fixadores internos. To evaluate one-year results of using dynamic spacers in listhesis grade I of Meyerding using Oswestry Disability Index. The disability scale review was based in the electronic and radiographic history of patients according to criteria in the period from January to Decemberin order to conduct a cohort study, retrospective, longitudinal, and observational.


The Oswestry index before surgery was 3. The most common surgery performed was exploration and release in Patients had pain radiating to right lower limb in Pain radiating to the lower limb after surgery was found only in 2.


The DIAM interspinous implant was used in Treatment with interspinous spacer has a low rate of reoperation and at least during one year presented significant improvement in the rate of disability. Spine; Low back pain; Spondylolisthesis; Internal implants. Sin embargo se encuentra reportado por Weintstein et al. Ha sido sugerido por Birkmeyer et al.

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