Product name: Solenoid valve, Type: EVB, Function: NC, Connection size [in]: 1 1/4, Connection type: G, Connection Internal/External: Internal, Cv value. Solenoid valves, type EVB Data sheet. Brass valve body, NC. Connec- tion. ISO /1. Seal material. Orifice size kv- value. [m³/h]. Differential pressure. Product name: Solenoid valve, Type: EVB, Function: NC, Connection size [in]: 1, Connection type: G, Connection Internal/External: Internal, Cv value.

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They are available normally closed or normally open.

Danfoss EVB water hammer damped solenoid valve In general it is the closing ddanfoss of the valve that determines the water hammer phenomenon.

In reality the water hammer comes just before the valves closes.

EV220B, servo-operated solenoid valves

By controlling the closing speed at this stage the water hammer can be reduced. On the Danfoss EVB valve it is done by having an optimized shape of the moulded diaphragm, a reinforcement giving an internal damping and a special damping cone giving a viscous damping in the very late closing stage.

In addition the closing speed can be adjusted by changing the equalising orifice. Insensitive to dirt The flow through the dirt sensitive pilot system is filtered on the EVB.

The filter is a self-cleaning type and is placed as a coaxial filter in the main valve flow. If the equalising orifice is blocked by build-up of dirt, it can easily be removed and cleaned with compressed air.


Broad range of different body and sealing materials The EVB range is available in three different body materials and with three different seal materials. It makes it possible dsnfoss use the standard brass version for common applications with limited risk of corrosion, and as trouble-shooter the EV B SS version with FKM and optionally with an isolating diaphragm.

This version is called EVB and can be used in contaminated media that risk corrosion. This is possible dahfoss of the high quality EPDM type and the special design of danfsos reinforced diaphragm reducing the internal stress level.

During the movement of the diaphragm the rubber is stressed and relieved several times and often determines the lifetime of the valve. The seal material determines the minimum temperature. This makes it possible to use the EVB for’ several brines.

Wide coil range up to IP This makes it possible to choose the optimal coils no matter if the ‘solution be technical or economical. Broad range of standard options EB is a range in a modular program. Accessories such as isolating diaphragm unit, NO-unit, manual-operating unit and adjustable danflss orifice are easily fitted on the valve, and the usual wide coil ev202b can be used. High capacity in the entire pressure range At low differential pressures an additional closing force is needed to get a proper tightness.

Ev220bb is done by the closing spring. Due to the increased thickness on the sealing point of the diaphragm of the EVB danfosss only a very low closing force is needed from the spring.


If this spring is very soft only a low differential pressure is needed to lift the diaphragm resulting in a high opening degree. This means you don’t need an assisted lift solenoid valve as in most of the cases. On the EVB there are no compromises on the capacity of the valve.

The valve is designed with very smooth internal shape of the valve body.

Danfoss EV220B 15-50B

Also the use of a special design of the diaphragm to increase its lift height increases the capacity. Good external tightness even at high differential pressures The pressure in the valve tries to increase the gap between valve cover and valve body.

To avoid leakage because of the gap the moulded diaphragm has a built-in a-Ring giving an excellent sealing between valve cover and valve body even at high pressures. This results in a very good external tightness. The program comes complete with the clip-on coil and IP65 electrical plug and has been carefully designed to simplify product selection. Spare parts kits for EVB.

Danfoss EVB Solenoid Valves

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