Evangelii nuntiandi is an apostolic exhortation issued on 8 December by Pope Paul VI on Overview · Pope: Francis · Hierarchy · History (Timeline); Theology · Liturgy · Sacraments · Mary. Background[show]. Jesus · Crucifixion. authoritative commentators have said: in Evangelii nuntiandi the Pope left, serenely but energetically, a sort of pastoral testament, a summary and synthesis of. A Summary on Evangelii Nuntiandi Pope Paul VI on December wrote to the Episcopate, Clergy and to all the faithful of the entire.

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A Summary on Evangelii Nuntiandi With these he lived among the people to set the captives free, give sight to the blind among other miracles, as a visible component of his evangelizing activity. There are many understanding of the word evangelization in our contemporary world of today for some it is an activity whereby the Gospel is proclaimed and explained, in other to awaken the faith in non-Christians and foster in Christians the living faith. However Pope Paul entrusted to the synod the task of bringing the traditional concept of the work of evangelization face to face with the new trends, to meet up with the circumstances of the time.

As such the holy mother church in obedience to Christ and because it is demanded by her essential universality, continues to preach the good news to every generation and culture. According to him evangelization has a primary goal of conversion; the call evahgelii a new evangelization is primarily a call to conversion for both Catholics and non Catholics, for the Catholics it will be a deeper ongoing conversion in which they have a more profound life of faith and devotion and a greater awareness and hatred for their sins.


New evangelization for non Catholics or fallen Catholics will mean a new awakening of the graces they received at baptism or a desire to know and have a relationship with Christ.

The church exists in order to evangelize The church is born of the evangelization of Christ and the Apostles Christ is the evangelizer; he sends the church and the church continues his mission by continually sending out men and women into the world. The church and her mission are njntiandi from Christ and his mission. Evangelization must take into consideration the people, their language, sign and symbol The Holy Father is entrusted with the preeminent ministry of teaching the revealed truth The Bishops and priests as teachers of faith received through their ordination the authority to teach the revealed truth The Religious by their lives are sign of total availability to God, the church and the brethren The Laity on their part must exercise a special form summqry evangelization, since they are involve in the daily social, political, economic life, they are to help in spreading the good evangelli more Fr Lawrence sdv.

Here is a story that most priest will summay with me that is real let read it with a wrap attention. As I drove back from Nuntiando to my small village in Isolo-Opin, I was praying and hoping someone will just send me a token to cater for some basic needs and fulfil some of the commitments of charity I made.


The whole of last Sunday collection, I used half to purchase fuel, I used half to pay someone’s hospital bills.

Evangelii Nuntiandi (December 8, ) | Paul VI

Meaning, I am broke already broken like the bread I break daily. While I was driving and hoping, someone called me and begged me to help her, she needs 20k for her daughter’s school fees and it’s urgent. I promised next week though I am sure my whole collection won’t be up to that- a collection that I am not even at liberty to dispense as I will. After a while, a boy who just requested me to be his spiritual director, sent a message telling me he is so broke and he needs help.

I answered with a deep sigh. I got home still hoping for alert, one of my youths who…. A Summary on Humanae Vitae.

Summary of Doctrinal Note on Evangelization – ZENIT – English

On the Regulation of Birth. It therefore re-affirms the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church regarding conjugal love, responsible parenthood, and the continued rejection of most forms of birth control. However, the encyclical was controversial primarily because of its prohibition of all forms of artificial birth control. It is perhaps the most controversial and misunderstood document of the church.

According to Paul VI in addressing married couples said that they should fulfill the duties of married at all times amids….