Find great deals for Faema E91 Ambassador A2 Coffee And Espresso Maker – Black/Stainless. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Hi Guys Im looking a a 3grp faema on the bay and was wondering of they are any good, age etc? Can you kit these down to. Run on lower. In Giugiaro’s artistic talent creates E91, an innovative and elegant product featuring the latest technology of the time, such as the auto-diagnostic system.

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Results 1 to 47 feama 47 Thread: Add Thread to del. Hi Guys Im looking a a 3grp faema on the bay and was wondering of they are any good, age etc? Can you kit these down to. Run caema lower wattage? Share Share this post on Digg Del. I dont know much about that particular one but Faemas are normally pretty reliable and easy to get parts for.

Cheers Melbuurn Most 3group machines you can install an element from the 2group model if you want to go down famea 15A power.

The only reason youd want to do that is if its going to be a mobile machine Not a bad machine until vaema electronic goes down then it will cost you lots of money, but not bad. Same for most systems these days; faemaa ya handy with component level repair. Repaired a couple of Faema boards and one was a right mess with holes burnt through the cct board. What are they worth 2nd hand? My RR45 arrived Friday, the Faema is due in mid-week. Looking at the website these machines look to be w, if I was to get it kitted down what size generator faemaa I looking at to run the machine and grinder?

Just buy a generator that has a rated continuous load to handle all the equipment you need. A few things to bear in mind here you also have a W pump motor and all motors draw higher than nominal power on startup. General rule of thumb was always 3 times running power for motors so potentially around 1kVa per item plus the machine for 6kVa.

Depowering the machine should be easy to do by dropping one of the elements assuming it has 3 which will see you closer at W.

Faema E91 Ambassador SE A/2 Espresso Machine

My 3grp is running at W and apart from being a little slower to fire up in the mornings it keeps up really well with 2 people running it. Personally dont penny pinch on the genny. Go for a good brand most likely Honda and buy new or close to it. No idea about the faema though. All the 2 or 3 groups I have had my head under have been 3 groups but the Faemas seem to have a mix http: Had a call from NQX today, the machine has been sighted in the yard here in Melbourne.

Faema E91 Ambassador SE A/2 Espresso Machine

Should be with me sometime Wednesday. Just hope it fits in the back of my SUV to get it home! Was in the Honda dealer today, had a look at the EU65i and also a unit from Prime. Same output, but around 4k diff in price. The only diff I could pick was that one was an inverter and silent. What is the advantage of the inverter? It e991 hard to justify the 65i for ffaema 5.


Faema E91 Ambassador A2 Coffee And Espresso Maker – Black/Stainless | eBay

Silent is a good reason to go Honda as is reliability. The inverter bit is dubious apart from it lets the motors run slower at lower loads and limit noise and w91 consumption further, traditional Gen sets need to run at a synchronous speed to get the correct voltage nominal RPM.

Also look at the Yamaha version for a bit of a comparison. Apparently such a thing doesnt exist. Ill check out the Yamaha or even a Kawasaki version – Jap has to be good right? Aparently the fama protects sensitive electrics – any truth to this?

Would diesel or petrol be quieter? The inverter converts DC to AC Generally the diesel would be quieter, but without being able to compare i wont be betting the “lefty” on that Its here and she is a bewdy!

Cant pick the age though: The only number on the compliance plate is Open her up and look around the boiler. Designed by Guigiaro Design in cooperation with the Faema technical office; Semi-automatic espresso coffee machine with continuous coffee brewing; 2, 3 and 4 group models; Makrolon, steel and die-cast aluminium outer casing; Colour: I did have a look on the boiler before posting the pic, but it was pretty dark.

Will need to break out the Dolphin methinks. If the boiler has ever being replaced, would that not change the build date? Does anuone know faemma the Faema ffaema is in AU, pref Melbourne? I will take it into s91 soon for a full service and bath.

P Share Share this post on Digg Del. Nice when they come out of the wrappers unbroken and not bent ; On the Diesel option it will almost certainly be heavier if you need to lift it in and out. Just one more to consider might be the Kohler range famea of the US, I used to work for a division of the importer years ago.

They were doing RV slide in gensets to build into the side of a van. Most of these motors will also handle being run on LPG if the van is faaema that way too.

Im really looking for a unit that is truly portable, w91 is why the eu65i appeals The inverter bit is -do we really need it? The inverter is not necessary just desirable for the reasons mentioned above. Even if the stated 7db is genuine most of these statements are very fameait represents an increase in sound level of slightly more than double.

Only way to know for sure though is to compare with your own ears as bf suggests Be good to know a definate yes or no Anyone know how much I could step my machine down to?

Currently running mains only, but as mentioned elsewhere I am going LPG and an inverter for the Famea bits. Personally I would be going the quietest gen set I could afford, even though you faeja be doing “just takeaways” a noisy gen set roaring away at RPM is not really inviting vaema a start or to hang farma and chat or drink. Not sure how far you have gone with refirb. Was yours the same as this unit? Looks similar to an Ambassador but earlier.

I used an Ambassador perspex front cup shield as there was an aluminum panel on mine when I got it. Faemma idea what age your machine is? Sorry no definite age as plate not readable. I sold it January Always worked well, changed the steam nozzles and adjusted the boiler pressure down a bit as I was only using small jugs and extraction temp. Electronic board shorted out but faena a Faema Diplomat board to fit. Used in cafe that I sold end of Feb. Melbourne location The Gino Rossi is a CC 45 and is still being used as a second grinder for single origin and another for decaf.


The “inverter” generators produce closer to a sine wave and are a must to keep electronic bits happy. As for the comments on size faemx sound, Bean Flying is spot-on. Oversize it and quieter the better. Inverter Gen sets typically produce cleaner power but both produce sine waves basics info here http: Generally by there nature and design some voltage spikes are possible with conventional Gen sets as there only real protection is a couple of filter Capacitors which do over time break down and may pose a risk to other electrical daema.

Cheaper DC inverters produce Squarewaves but these are quite a diferent matter. Fasma term “Inverter Generator” is typically a marketers terminology for “true sine wave digital inverter generator” and that is how I was using the term too. Using our report the company then had all their manuals and marketing material reprinted to reflect the testing and included “dont use with sensitive electronics” printed on the boxes and booklets of all but a couple of their range. My longwinded point is that while “digital inverter” generators were pretty much discounted earlier in this thread the extra expense is taema worthwhile if you are ever going to run any electronics on it eg: I would recommend that you look at getting a “true sine wave digital inverter generator” if you can afford the difference in price and then you can run anything on it with less chance of tears.

You need to do the research to also select the size, type of fuel, brand, noise, spares, warranty A google for “true sine wave digital inverter generator” returns 48, hits. D91 guess at least one of them will suit your growing criteria. Without wanting to drag this any more OT than it already is, not all alternators are created equal. They then started bringing in some Chinese suitcase ones to 2.

The inverter Honda, Kohler, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Onan some of the better brands is still really the way to go: So, fired up the Faema today. Replaced all 3 showers, seals etc.

New lever actuators for the steam taps. Took a fair while to warm up which makes me think it might have been kitted down.

It gets up to about 1. Test pressure at the steam release valve, and its average to good. After about another 5 minutes, it emits a loud beep and has E 1 on the display which then appears that the boiler stops heating. Have also identified that the middlle group doesnt cut out after the pre-dialled volume as does left and right groups.