(More info can be found in the BMS technical manual) .. function of that knob, but quite useful in falcon where AI comms do not follow the. Contribute to tpn/pdfs-flightsim development by creating an account on GitHub. This document is NOT designed to be a general BMS manual! For current AF users, to obtain and install Falcon BMS (currently version as of Sept. ).

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The PDF is also available on Lulu if you wish to have one printed and delivered worlwide: The PDF remains available by clicking on the right download.

The BMS manual is also a new document in the 4. It’s purpose is to document all sim specific aspects such as installation, configuration, managing the User Interface, creating TEs and managing the Campaign. BMS features a weapon tactical training range.


Many fapcon think it is easy, but a four ship training flight there done correctly is much more intense than a regular MP TE.

Here’s an extensive document that I hope will help you using the F4 charts. It covers basic radio navigation, advanced radio navigation specific to the Falcon world.

Extensive chart explanation and a training flight around Kimpo using the charts. The document was updated in march for full compliance to the latest version of BMS 4. Please excuse the french accent: It is included with each release in your doc folder. The philosophy of this 4. Obvioulsy based on the real dash one, the information contained here is BMS 4.

Falcon / Benchmark Sims | SimHQ

In the near future, this document will be updated with BMS releases. In the not so near future a new Dash34 documenting offensive and defensive systems and weapon system may be created as well.

Price is what Lulu asks, my work is free. The list of key callbacks was never quite maintained while Falcon was being updated and today it became quite manua nightmare to create a new one from scratch.


Contact us Last updated: The BMS Dash-1 falvon been updated for 4. The changes from 4. The training missions were completely documented in the Falcon 4.

The document will guide the new and seasonned pilots through the training in a step by step and consecutive way. The training syllabus is made of 4 separate parts: Navigation Charts Tutorial V2.

Combat Sim Check-Lists – F4 section

BMS Manal and Cougar complete setup. BMS for Cockpitbuilder V1. This document is meant for cockpit builder amongst us who wants to get most of BMS for their homebuilt cockpit.

It illustrates basic BMS configuration for external cockpits, display extractions, keyfile secrets, etc etc.