Products Description. Ferrar Fenton Translation. The Holy Bible in Modern English. Contains the complete sacred Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments . Download PDF’s of The Holy Bible in modern English translated by Ferrar Fenton direct from the original Hebrew, Chaldee, and Greek. The Holy Bible in Modern English [Ferrar Fenton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Books of the Sacred Volume of our Faith, as they.

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A small excerpt from the Introduction to his completed Bible, published inwill give us a glimpse into the man’s frame of mind:. I like your post. It is good to see feerar verbalize from the heart and clarity on this important subject can be easily observed.

Just got a copy this week and started reading it, I really like Solomon’s prayer at the Temple. Though I respect your opinion I have found this Bible to be extremely useful and relevant when trying to compare the, bibel, O.

That has been my discovery. One innovation correction introduced by Fenton that surely is an improvement on the King James AV is his use of the word ‘Magi’ in Matthew. I really like the ferror fenton bible in modern english. I have a hardcover copy and have always enjoyed Fenton’s fresh take on well tread verses. He occasionally throws a note at the bottom of the page that shows how honestly and hard was thinking through problem verses. He explains that the old ages in the early chapters in Genesis were actually kingdoms and that meant the dynasties were reigning years, ect.

Not that I agree with that interpretation but I appreciate the unique effort. My grandfather studied in the British Israelite “church” in the fennton in New Zealand. I have his writings in an old school exercise book which I found really interesting in my teens. I have his Ferrar Fenton bible which I have not fully read, only small portions of it.

With the advent of the internet and so much more accessible information I am now interested in having a bit of a study of it again.


Ferrar Fenton Bible

Cory Howell I have been blogging about the Bible in translation for several years now. My own Bible collection has just over volumes, so it’s kind of a big thing for me I believe I may have blogged about this And that’s not necessarily a good thing, in this case. Fenton was a London businessman who, intook it fefrar himself to translate the Bible anew, from the original languages.

He apparently fdnton that the King James Version had some negative points which is certainly trueand resolved to make his own translation the most accurate ever attempted in the English language. Let’s look a bit at that claim, shall we? One of the more interesting renderings Ffnton come across in Fenton’s translation is his handling of the story of the prophet Jonah. The footnote explains Fenton’s theory: I just do not get this.

And Ferrar Fenton is “perplexed” by the idea of a man surviving being swallowed by a giant fish?

That’s where he draws the line? And without the slightest scrap of textual support, declares “The Great Fish” to be a ship in whose hold the prophet is confined for three days. Another passage that sticks out like a sore thumb for me in this version is Matthew 6: Here’s the Fenton version:.

Once again, we get a helpful footnote that explains that the translation is a “literal” translation of the Greek tenses. The problem as I see it is that his version is called The Holy Bible in Modern English; the prayer quoted above is not English as we know it.

No one in English ever says, “Your Name must be being Hallowed. Back in the Hebrew Scriptures, Fenton attempts something equally fegrar with the Psalms. In order to present the idea of the psalms as poetry, he attempts to render them as English-style poems. So in Psalm 23, for example, we get a cute little poem, complete with iambic tetrameter:.

Some readers may actually find this charming or meaningful. Read it out loud, ferrrar, and I think you may find the rhythm of the text gets a little monotonous.


Ferrar Fenton Bible: a unique translation – Bible Bookshelf Blog

I won’t even go into his random capitalizations The examples I’ve given above are just a smattering of the odd choices Mr. Fenton made in his translation. I will say I do like his practice of presenting the books of the Bible in a different order than that praditionally found in Protestant English Bibles.

I found my print copy of the Ferrar Fenton Bible at a used bookstore, in excellent shape, and for a low price. Original hardback editions on Amazon get just a bit pricy, but there is a paperback reprint available that is pretty reasonably priced. If you are interested in unique versions of the Bible, you owe it to yourself to binle this one out.

A small excerpt from the Introduction to his completed Bible, published inwill give us a glimpse into the man’s frame of mind: Lookup a word or passage in the Bible. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

As every effort has been made to attain it, I believe this fifth edition of my work is the most accurate rendering into any European language, ancient or modern, ever made, not only in words, but in editing, spirit, and sense. I contend that I am the only man who has ever fwnton real mental and literary criticism to the Sacred Scriptures.

Ferrar Fenton Bible Hardbound (shown)or Leather

I specially refer to my discovery of the Hebrew laws of Syllabic verse. Here’s the Fenton version: Consequently, you must pray in this way: So in Psalm 23, for example, we get a cute little poem, complete with iambic tetrameter: Reply Leave a Reply. Authors Cory Howell I have been blogging about the Bible in translation for several years now.

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible Include this form on your page.