Uses[edit]. Ficus religiosa is used in traditional medicine for about 50 types of disorders including asthma, diabetes, diarrhea, epilepsy. ABSTRACT: In traditional medicine, medicinal plants have been used for the treatment of various diseases. Ficus religiosa is known to be a. Acharya Bal Krishan has given the following medicinal tips for the use of Peepal: 1. For bleeding diarrhoea: Take soft stems of peepal.

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Make a Donation Join Login. Tincture juice of fresh leaves mixed with equal parts of alcohol. We owe this remedy to Dr.

medicinap Sarat Chandra Ghose, of Midnapore, who made the first proving and thereby discovered its power to cause and cure hemorrhages of many kinds. Ghose kindly sent me a supply of the remedy, and I have had very satisfactory results with the x potency in controlling menorrhagia. The provers were Dr.

Ghose himself, his wife, and a dog. As the experiments are quite remarkable I will give them in detail. The dog, which was perfectly strong and healthy, received 40 drops of the tincture one morning.


Ficus religiosa

No result followed that day, and dose was repeated next morning, and the religlosa commenced and continued to vomit blood of a bright red color. It kept very quiet and was unwilling to move. After three doses of five drops of the tincture given in quick succession, the vomiting ceased.

It is remarkable that the same treatment minute doses of the same remedy was effectual in arresting the effects of the drug in the other two provings. On the third day dysentery and menorrhagia set in simultaneously. The blood was bright red. Headache, very weak and restless, sight dim, burning at the top of the head.

The face became yellowish, breathing difficult. She became sad and melancholy. With the profuse discharge of bright red blood there were bearing-down pains in lower abdomen.

Frequent desire to pass water, which gradually became bloody, and contained much blood.

Then inclination to cough, causing him to spit blood. Slight headache, giddiness and nausea. Very weak and restless. The tincture was taken three drops every two hours, and after the third dose the symptoms vanished.


Phytopharmacology of Ficus religiosa

Ghose relates some striking cases cured with the remedy-dysentery, hematemesis, hemorrhage of typhoid, bleeding piles, and epistaxis. Quiet and disinclined to move. Nausea, vertigo, and slight headache. Vomiting of bright red blood. Bearing-down pains in lower part of abdomen. Dysentery, blood bright red. Frequent desire to micturate. Urine contains much medicinak.

Menorrhagia, bright red blood, bearing-down pains in lower abdomen. Inclination to cough, causing him to spit blood. Learn how to find a homeopathic treatment for yourself or your family. Donate today so we can help even more! Find out why you should join or renew today!

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