FORMULASI DAN UJI SIFAT FISIKOKIMIA SEDIAAN LOSIO DENGAN This research was aimed to find out the optimum formulation of lotion vitamin E and. A skin lotion is a pseudo-stable mixture of oils and water. The oils are used to provide moisturization to skin. This can happen in a variety of. Pengertian lotion Kegunaan,keuntungan dan kerugian lotion Formulasi lotion Evaluasi,pengujian keamanan,dan sensitivitas. digunakan sebagai obat.

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Cosmetic Formulation Basics – Skin Lotion – Chemists Corner

A skin lotion is a pseudo-stable mixture of oils and water. The oils are used to provide moisturization to skin. This can happen in a variety of ways including changing the feel, attracting water to the skin, and blocking water from escaping the fomrulasi. When put on the skin, lotions interact with skin proteins and lotionn soothe dry feeling hands. Over time, the occlusive agents in the lotion prevent water from leaving the skin which helps build moisture in the surface.

This additional moisture ultimately mitigates the problems associated with dry skin.

Jurnal Mahasiswa Farmasi Fakultas Kedokteran UNTAN

The primary ingredient that make lotion include both water soluble ingredients and oil soluble ingredients. To hold them together requires an emulsification system. The most common moisturizing ingredients are occlusive agents which create a barrier that blocks water from escaping the skin. Ingredients like Petrolatum, Mineral Oil and Dimethicone can all be used as occlusive agents.


Humectants, which are ingredients that attract water, are also added to lotions. Glycerin is the most commonly used humectant.

Formulssi, emollients are added to improve the feel of the lotion on the skin. They can reduce the tackiness and greasiness caused by the other moisturizing ingredients. Common emollients include coconut oil, cetyl esters, and certain silicones.

In formulasl to the moisturizers, skin lotions must also contain emulsifiers that can help combine the oil materials with the water. Glyceryl Stearate and Stearic Acid are commonly used. Other ingredients such as thickeners help keep the formula stable and make it more appealing to use. Formukasi materials such as fragrance, preservative, and colorants are also included to make a well-rounded formulation. Additionally, he has written and edited numerous articles formmulasi books, taught continuing education classes for industry scientists, and developed successful websites.

Hi Is there a way for us to be able to formulate lotions and foot scrubs without using a thickener like Carbomer? What other alternatives can be used as thickener for lotions and foot scrub? That depends on what else is in the formula. But you could use Xanthan gum or Hydroxyethylcellulose. I am working on a formula for Lotion and Moisturizer, which I would like to add lemon ingredients.

The purpose of the lemon is to bring out the natural ingredients.

What percentage of lemon do you advice, and what would be the formula? Well, if you are just putting it in there to claim you have a natural ingredient, 0. Hi I am wondering if its possible to mix a hydrosol with other oils for a skin care product that I am formulating, or will the formula mold? Typically, you want to keep the pH from 5. Sir hello, I want to know about formulation and ingredients for body lotion.

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Thanks Perry, very informative post. I would like to know what alternative preservatives can I use instead of the parabens. Optiphen and Optiphen ND are preservatives that are paraben free and formaldehyde free. I use all 3 in my lotions. When I click on it, the page is an error. How come for some formulas perservatives are added early and for others its the last thing or the one just before fragrance.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Formulating skin formulation skin products. Where can I obtain those ingredients from?

I would like to know what alternative preservatives can I use instead of the parabens Optiphen and Tormulasi ND are preservatives that ltion paraben free and formaldehyde free.

I updated it and you can get the formula again. Described the ingredients of this lotion images arent showing up for any of the formulations anymore. I finally fixed it. Wow thanks for this post!

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