Bladebite, blood of Gordrimm, of Glitterdelve in the Deep. Realm.” Adventuring companions of dwarves usually find it easier to give a dwarf a nickname, to use. Dwarves Deep (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Accessory FR11) [Ed Greenwood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An introduction to the. An introduction to three races of dwarves in the forgotten realms: Shield Dwarves, Gold Dwarves, and Wild Dwarves. Provides thorough background, including.

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Ad&d Forgotten Realms Dwarves Deep TSR Fr11 | eBay

Start Free Trial or Sign In to see what it’s worth. It features dwarven spells, runes, equipment and magic.

Dwarvse a Forgotten Realms accessory, there’s plenty of info on the dwarven races, kingdoms, and noble houses of Faerun. Like the dwarven spells, runes, and specialized equipment. There’s a runic alphabet and a dwarven name creation guide on the inside cover.


Dwarves Deep

The Complete Book of Dwarves is cool, too, but I always enjoyed this one more. Written by Forgotten Realms creator and bestselling author Ed Greenwood. Published by TSR in as From the back cover: It takes most adventurers in the Realms a lifetime to learn more than a handful of the secrets of the dwarves.

The seeking ff11 some their lives.

But Elminster’s agreed to change all that. Welcome to Dwzrves Deep. Welcome to the secrets of the dwarves. This sourcebook is one of a series that belongs on the bookshelf of any dungeon master exploring the rich land and dark under-realms of the Forgotten Realms. It presents an introduction to the Deep Folk of Faerun, three unique races of dwarves.

Virtually all of the famous “dungeons” of the Realms, explored by adventurers seeking treasure, magic, and lore, were built – and in most cases, once occupied – by the dwarves. Learn their ways and unlock their secrets.

TSR 9300 – FR11 – DWARVES DEEP – AD&D D&D – Forgotten Realms – w/MAP! EX!

In the pages of Dwarves Deep, readers will find: Dwarven spells dwarbes earth and fire, Dwarven derp items of rare quality and power, Fr1 of the dwarven language, their names and runes, Details of dwarven clans, priesthoods, and adventuring brotherhoods, Details of dwarven lands and settlements, including the fabled riches, ways, and armies of the Great Rift, the Deeps, and the Lost Kingdoms, New monsters and notes on dwarven halfbreeds and the special powers wielded by dwarven High Olds Ones, Special metals and alloys used by the dwarves to hone the blades that slay their enemies, Dwarven beards This item is in EX condition!


There’s a tiny shelfwear bend at the bottom right corner, otherwise the edges and corners are crisp and sharp. The foldout poster map is present and looks like new.

The book itself is crisp, clean, and in terrific shape. I’ve forgotten my password. Start Free Trial Sign In. Why do I need to login to see this item?