Fraternity. by Juan Diaz Canales, José-Luis Munuera during the American Civil War, the inhabitants of New Fraternity, Indiana, find themselves far from. Buy Fraternity 01 by José-Luis Munuera, Juan Díaz Canales (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Canales, along with artist José-Luis Munuera and colorist Seydas, went on to create Fraternity, a Civil War-era tale of monsters and men. Today.

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The beast seems to have some connection to Emile, a feral child found a few years earlier who had been taken in by the townsfolk during simpler times.

As their fear and paranoia grows, the townsfolk start to hunt the beast and turn on each other, with tragic results that threaten to undo all that they have been working toward. There are no lengthy introductions, and even with the distinctive visages, readers may find themselves flipping back to earlier pages to confirm character identities until near the end of the story.

Fraternity | Juan Diaz Canales, José-Luis Munuera | | NetGalley

These characters and the prodigal Lafitte look like they stepped out of a Euro-Disney version of Beauty and the Beast. In fact, there is an animated look to all the character and background renderings, as if the panels are capturing cinematic production cels.


As for the story, it turns out that there is trouble brewing in this fledgling would-be utopian society. Everyone has something to say about how things should be run and how people should conduct themselves, and having a giant creature captured and tethered in an abandoned barn does little to assuage these tendencies in the self-important citizenry of New Fraternity. In an expansive and fascinating text piece that serves as a foreword text to the story, Alex Romero puts this notion front and center.

A utopian society is too grand in practice for something as base as humanity. The story methodically takes its time to show how these ideals falter in the wake of even the best intentions.

There are no heroes here, and in fact no villains. Things are undone simply by the pettiest aspects of human nature.


It is a part of the natural order. It munuer only when men and women use it to further their own maliciously spiteful, hateful, and selfish ends that the violence inherent in nature is perverted.

Emile takes comfort in knowing that this creature lives. He is not fearful of its existence.


He embraces the need for violence and abhors its trivialization. Underneath it all, Canales seems to be saying that these rival factions within this community, for all their dissension, have completely missed fratfrnity mark.

We are all just animals unless we try to take care of one another. In the end, is there even such a thing as a featernity when a monster can act like the best of men and men can be the most monstrous? Perhaps humans were not meant to be governed by more than the laws of nature.

Anything else is folly.


Ultimately, the book stands up to fraternkty critical readings, and luckily each actual reading will be a joy with a book this dark and lovely. Jonathan is a Tennessee native.

He likes comics and baseball, two of America’s greatest art forms. Cover by Jose-Luis Munuera. Jonathan O’Neal Jonathan is a Tennessee native.