Learn music theory for guitar, including scales, chords, progressions, modes, and more from Desi Serna, author of Fretboard Theory and Guitar Theory For. Did you purchase an old version of Fretboard Theory and are you wondering what has changed in the latest version? If yes, then I explain everything that has. Fretboard Theory by Desi Serna teaches music theory for guitar including scales, chords, progressions, modes, and details to hundreds of popular songs.

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Guitar Noise Forums online to onstage Skip to content. Post your reviews of instructional material for guitar or bass.

Reviews of books, your favorite bands latest CD, how to videos, live band performances and other instructional websites are all welcome. You really can’t go wrong with this book if you’re a beginner or intermediate player; you don’t have to read music to get started with it; the lessons are coherent and concise, and you’ll learn only what you need to know as you go, without over-whelming references to advanced theory that doesn’t apply at your level.

Like any book on music, it’s not a miracle cure for a lack of discipline or the utterly tone-def among us smirkbut if you have any musical inclination whatsoever, it’ll give you a solid start grin. Last edited by John the Savage on October 15th, I’ve been places with my face you wouldn’t go to with a pistol! I’ll take it a step further, I did not know the significance of learning scales pentatonic, major, and the accompanying chromatic scales. Desi advocates the importance of learning covering songs.

My style new age, space rockI’m composing these days thanks to this book. I’m an academic kind of person; been searching for an avenue that could show me guitar academics in such way that I could relate better than just ordinary guitar lesson the last eight years. I have tinkered with all the songs Desi advocates learning and as mentioned, when you master the scales, your brain will kick in and that’s what has happened to me.

If you purchase this book, be assured, it will help you beyond reproach.

Fretboard Theory Reviews? – Guitar Noise Forums

I have other books from famous people. Desi is an excellent technical writer. He knows his stuff and presents it well.


Desi, ya happy now? I printed them out and stapled them into chapters so I now have 10 “mini books” and plan to work on each chapter in succession. I have briefly read through the whole thing and as the others say it is well written and the more I read and play the better understanding I am having.

I think he is still selling them at this price. Even if you can’t grasp all of it which Fretblard can’t at the mo I’m sure as I progress through the book all will become clearer, as is happening now.

Played lots of bars and even more parties. I always felt that I was missing something, it just wasn’t clicking. A friend told me about this book and was very enthusiastic about it, so Sfrna bought it. By the second lesson, my style was changing, I was playing differently better. Being self taught, I trained myself to look for patterns in each song. This book teaches these patterns and how each pattern is connected and how many different paths each pattern can take. Fretnoard discovered that I was playing many parts of the pentatonic scale and never knew it.

Xerna fretboard theoyr now comes alive. I’ve now picked up a 5-string Its easy to follow. I bought the book last year – still working with it. Its really worth buying. You understand much more how solos and riffs fit and start playing and creating yourself. Thats where fun comes in. I got Desis pentatonic DVD – buy it too. The material does not practise for you. I have always struggled to understand the fretboard but when I came across Desi Serna’s book I fell in love with it right off the bat.

I could follow it and understand what he was trying to teach.

The way he describes the Pentatonic scales has open up a whole new guitar world for me. For instance I am amazed at how many popular songs are based on thwory Em pentatonic scale alone.

Fretboard Theory

I was so impressed that I went and bought all 3 of his DVD’s. I will be spending this winter watching the DVD’s and learning. Desi does a great job of just telling you what you need to know without long and confusing explanations.


I have seen most of the material in other books, however, Desi does an excellent job of organizing the info so you can retain it. I recommend these as well. Here is his website. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Fretboard Theory 2008 E-Book –

But I did go to http: Ttheory is a good primer on the caged systtem, chord construction and scales. He also gives examples of how caged shapes or the scales are applied to popular songs. Its worth the money if you dont know these concepts. The fact is that those who purchased the book are now also on the author’s mailing list; apparently the author noticed recently that someone had asked a question in your forum about his book, and that no one had replied; in turn, he sent out an email to his mailing list prompting anyone, who might be so fertboard, to post a review.

Tragically, as it turns out, I wasn’t the only one who thought to do him the favour smirk. I can’t say I’m overly cyber-community-savvy, but it seems to me that the original post — posted nearly two years ago — was made by a legitimate member with many previous posts to his credit I don’t really care, to tell the truth I just hope we can all get past this awkward introduction and be friends; after all, I may need to SPAM you about my own musical ventures someday smirk. Got married raised a family; the guitar was in and out of the closet till I retired.

Started playing in public but didn’t know how it all worked, I just played by ear, if it sounded good it was ok. I saw Desi’s stuff sedna the web somewhere, freboard it, and the lights started coming on. I have tried a lot of how to books but this is the only one that worked for me a little thick headed I guess if you want to play the the Guitar and you have tehory little talent go for it www.

Y’all just fretbpard amongst yourselves It s really great!!