Model TA(K)43 and TA(K)55 require an external equalized expansion valve. Dimensional Data. Model Pricing. Thin Profile Air Defrost. Bohn. Friga-Bohn @ Kooltech. Friga-Bohn TA7R-8P Friga Bohn Dual Discharge EVAP. £2, $3, ,48 € £2, $3, ,74 € (ex. Useful links · Careers · General Catalogue. Evaporators & Heat-Exchangers LGL- France, FRIGA-BOHN General Catalogue. banner-banner1. Mailing list for.

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L Centrifugal fans 9 mm NW TXL Electronic compressor oil level regulator. Advantages Installation Large space available for easy installation of the expansion valve.

The user may use one single condenser that reduces the space requirement and installation time. Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3 catalgoue warranty parts and labour excluding refrigerant 2-year warranty parts and labour excluding refrigerant 3-year warranty parts and labour excluding refrigerant To validate this pack, we propose a support contract during commissioning of our equipment.

Our product range – Index.

SCU Without factory wiring. In addition, SilenTop hides fans and acts as acoustic enclosure. Central kitchens Advantages Installation The KRS cassettes are delivered with a condensate discharge pump with float switching device.

An additional protection is provided with a special coating on the coils. The power rating of this unit may be as high as cstalogue, kW!

Friga-Bohn – Products catalog – Elektronika S.A.

Casing opening mini: The electric heating elements fitted in slots under the coil considerably simplify maintenance tasks see photo. For further details, refer to our commercial unit coolers documentation. EVH Oil return solenoid valve. Safety No sharp or cutting edges.



Reduced air pressure feiga optimizing energy comsuption. The condenser, – standard – or S oversized for high ambient temperatures. Only the acoustic pressure spectrum and Lw value, are contractually binding.

Included in a refrigeration system, they may be exited by motors, compressors, diesel engines, vehicles or others and suffer from vibration. IRP Rotary proximity switch es. Autonomous operation of several circuits allowing proper regulation.

Evaporators & Heat-Exchangers LGL-France, FRIGA-BOHN

Thermostatic expansion valve bohm with a solenoid valve in parallel with an electronic expansion valve in back-up operation. FC ECA Family of the most popular dry coolers with high capacity range, available with horizontal and vertical air flow. Defrost for low-temperature applications VPM option Avoid circulation of hot air during defrost cycles. MTH Motors equipped with a protection thermostat. Designed for cell and wall mounting – single discharge. Catalobue to be brazed. Protection against hailstone and impact damage.

External-rotor, axial fans require no specific maintenance.

Friga Bohn (Heatcraft Europe) Product Catalogue

Compressors, water heat-exchangers, pumps, thermal and noise insulation materials, protected against outdoor weather conditions and water splashing during cleaning of coils.

PC1 Rack pre-wired with 5 m cable available. Miscellaneous ECB Full crate packaging. External installation of fans offering easy access for possible interventions.

Evacuation of condensation on left or right side. High corrosion-resistant, aluminium micro-channel coils. GPC Condenser protection guard. In compliance with Eurovent standards the sound pressure level at 10 metres is as low as 19 dB A per module!


Energy efficiency Low noise level. DT1 coefficient DT1 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 C2 0,53 0,60 0,67 0,73 0,80 0,87 0,93 1 1,07 1,13 1,20 C3: SSD Double safety valve with 3-way valve only for receivers with a capacity of less than L standard for other models. This renders selection of a model much easier. Energy efficiency Low noise level Natural refrigerants.

HG1 Hot gas defrost coil: BDR Condensate drip tray under suction collectors. BAE Protection of fins. Commercial unit cooler designed for use in freezing tunnels. Noise level given for various rotation speeds, xatalogue information only for 0 Pa. Values measured under nominal operating conditions with clean coils and rated voltage. Defrost E1U Light electric defrost. Number of running hour per day: These hinges also enable removal of the casing.

The electric heating elements are fitted in slots under the coil offering unimpeded front access which considerably simplified maintenance. Ventilation CMU Motors factory wired. Other options Please contact us for details. Installation Simple and cheap installation steel pipes.