FS – Kneeboard References & Checklists” Utility. Informations: In this utility, designed for Flight Simulator but probably usable for. Greetings to all virtual pilots and even real ones.:smile: I open this topic to talk about electronic Kneeboard, that you use during the flight with. Archived from groups: tion (More info?) Whenever I try to access the kneeboard and then try to use the.

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Kneeboard Web Browser for FS

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I remeber reading a while ago that someone found out that you can kneeobard a file in the kneeboard thing to allow the user to view webpages etc. I just cant remember for the life of me how? Could anyone please try to explain to me how this is done thats if I have made any sense.

FS2004 Kneeboard Web Browser

FS Kneeboard Don’t know if this is what you’re talking about or not, but give this a try FS Kneeboard do a search for “Fs keeboard” or something of that sort in the avsim or flightsim library. In these two you are in my opiniion presented with a better presentation of the material than if you attempt to access via the flight sim 9 its self, ie when you have the sim running.


The other is that you can access the files with out the disk being needed. In there there is some data on the features of the kneeboard in fs9. It talks of moving it around and ect There are thing about it I do not understand, I wish you could in large the screen on the kneeboard in order to print in full page printable pages as to read more easy while in flight.

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