This is the Futaba 7C Ghz FASST airplane radio system with a RFS receiver, and four S Servos. The 7C sits squarely in the middle. Home · Radios; Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System. Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System. Image 1. Loading . : Futaba 7C GHz Heli Tx/Rx Only: Toys & Games.

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Article By Mike Llewellyn Jan 15, I am going to change back to 2.

The Futaba systems wisely uses a small link button for this process rather than using a separate plug. I weighed the RFS with the case and came up with 9g.

It was simple enough first time computer system users. It is especially odd considering that NiCad cells are now prohibited from many countries I Fly the 7c 72mhz and want to upgrade to this as I know its programming all ready. This looks like THE 2.

Yes you can program a lock switch.

Futaba 7C 2.4GHz Helicopter Radio System with the R617FS FASST 7-Channel Receiver and No Servos.

Last edited by pda4you; Jan 15, at All of these processes were completely transparent to me and they provided the rock solid flight connections I experienced between the transmitter and the model. This review model included the Futaba Digital S servos. The RFS receiver is full range, and it can be used in any size or type of aircraft.


The software is easy to use, logical and progressive, making programming the transmitter very simple. Futaba created a special power down mode that decreases the system transmission output to enable range testing.

Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System – AeroMicro

The large LCD screen and user interface was simple and intuitive. Mar 27, Atom Fly me to the moon The 7C is trainer compatible with the current Futaba transmitter line. You can assign what channel the second servo for flaperon is located ftuaba channel 5, 6 or 7. Continuous Channel Shifting combined with Futaba’s patented Pre-Vision technology and the Dual Antenna Diversity gives users a robust, virtually impenetrable radio link.

Likewise you can really fine tune settings with tiny trim steps on much flown models.

In order for 2. The one thing I miss from my Optic 6 is the throttle lock.

I set my timer to activate at 4 clicks of throttle. Attempting flight during power down could result in the loss of your plane! I performed all flight testing while other pilots were using other 2. You can set that value high, and each click is a great deal of trim change. The 7C transmitter has adjustable stick lengths, an always furaba feature. They are short, stout and placed in such a way that I found them easy to actuate and they seem as if they would be hard to break.

Futaba 7C GHz Helicopter Radio System with the RFS FASST 7-Channel Receiver and No Servos

This all new system is a dedicated 2. The great news here is that you can then use flaps as a separate function. It also supports using airborne voltage as a fail-safe indicator at 3. While 6 is good, I personally prefer the option of being able to enter more characters in a model name. Only the last 30mm of the wires functions as the actual antenna.


I was very impressed with the new Futaba 7C 2. With this technology, every two milliseconds the Futaba 2. BB supported shaft Torque: I have flown the 7C with a number of different models from 8oz foamies to large club models.

Futaba 7C 2.4GHz Heli w/R617FS Receiver (Mode 2)

This full range system comes packed with reliability and advanced programing features! When are they going to get rid of that ridiculous snap roll switch? The review was great and appreciated.

I am a firm believer that 2.

Originally Posted by dgliderguy Anybody hear whether Furaba is already planning on a 9C 2. If you have ever wished for a “half” click of trim, this radio supports that! This large easy to access “button” allows you to scroll and select menu items. I trust it completely.