Gamestudio/A8 is the world’s fastest authoring system for interactive 2D and 3D applications – for instance, computer games or test and simulation software. It. New generation of the GameStudio game development suite. A8 brings enet for better network performance, Nvidia Physx for more stable. Browse GameStudio A8 reviews to see what users think.

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Log in Create a Unity ID. Want to provide direct feedback to the Unity team? Join the Unity Advisory Panel. Improve your Unity skills with a certified instructor in a private, interactive classroom. Watch the overview now. Mar 11, Posts: I would like to ask it,that for the two game engines what it opposite each other their benefits,their disadvantages. More functions are at disposal of the 3D game studio and there may be unique shader in him to write a code,and takes action directx11 with technology?

I ask this question because of that because I revised the abilities of the two game engines and I did not manage to come to my decision. Which game engine is bigger knowledge at At the time of the comparison of the two programs at both the pro version take it into consideration?

Apr 11, Posts: It’s not very good in comparison to Unity, this is just my personal opinion.

I believe C to be far better than C lite, and the graphics capabilities of unity are way ahead. It’s just better gamestudiio its understandable you feel a bit of caution so why not download unity and get started? What is there to lose?

GameStudio A8 – Free download and software reviews – CNET

I am da bawss. Jun 2, Posts: I think even the developers are leaving that company as everyone else in their community – just check their forum, it is pretty sad.

I see people saying “goodbyes” hamestudio coming to Unity every few weeks. Effectively, its a dead engine, or else its going to be. You can export to iOS, Android, Backberry not sure, they might have dropped the support now for this one due to unpopularity.

That means you are limited to one tiny market segment, meaning you cannot get more income streams as you want to. And lastly, try out Unity!


GameStudio A8 engine – Mod DB

Its free, and you are free to use the free version which allows you to export to Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android and even sell your games on these platforms!! I am da bawssJun 23, Apr 6, Posts: Mar 22, Gamestudii Jan 21, Posts: Use the engine that works best for your game.

Extract the key features from your design and analyse each engine if they can offer what you need. You won’t find the holy grail. I for example use Gamestudio and Unity, it depends on the project. A system that one flat fee for multiple platform, and almost everyone think it’s dead.

Nov 8, Posts: Feb 9, Posts: OcidJun 23, Jan 17, Posts: Oct 24, Posts: VengedJun 24, Dec 14, Posts: I am just curious as to the hesitancy of stating which engine that in fact is. Dec 4, Posts: So film why dont you tell us gamestudioo this engine is?

Tutorials – GameStudio A8

Feb 7, Posts: CheyenneJun 24, Nov 12, Posts: Wait a minute – let me get this straight: They’re also upset about the new GUI system taking so long to arrive. DallonFJun 24, Jun 29, Posts: Dec 29, Posts: Jan 25, Posts: I am a lone wolf developer, published some vamestudio in the past with 3dgs and changed for some good reasons to unity. But as written above, it is nearly dead. I was pretty amazed about my new speed in development.

And the tuning over the inspector is a core, which I missed very badly in 3dgs. If you just want to play around, I am sure, you can use both engines. But if you love workflow and total preview control, Unity could be a god given surprise. Last was my personal feeling about all. And you know what?

If the learning of a completely new system of development would be gamstudio complex, I bet, the last few guys of 3dgs would change to unity. TheTAckerJun 25, Jul 15, Posts: I, has a developer, fail to see why after so many years in the market, people still base their arguments in “its old” or “its dead” Be REAL developers people DaviHimuraJul 15, That is what i mean with “In your head”.

You dont took 5 mim of you life to check out the history of the engine, but took 5 mm of your life to talk about it Has minor bugs that is been attended has of today.


Another thing, conitec had bamestudio quite some years now, shifted market. They have a team working on Acknex, but the company itself diverged its markets to avoid flutuation. I Personally preffer unity, but it bugs me to the core when i see people deduce stupid things just because “i’ts cool”.

DaviHimuraJul 17, A lot of C-Script projects run even in A8, because they actually care a lot about compatibility. On top of that, the change from C-Script to Lite-C wasn’t just a cosmetic one, it introduced some really cool features, like native Win-API Support, compiled sources, structs, explicit data types In fact, it’s a complete new approach but they have maintained backwards compatibility quite good.

It’s easy to switch from C-Script to Lite-C. The syntax is nearly the same. You can boil every Engine A vs. Engine B discussion down to one advise: Evaluate them often there are free versions and choose the engine that fits to your project.

And then, stick to your decision. DaviHimuraJul 18, DaviHimuraJul 20, Oct 26, Posts: DabehJul 20, Sep 9, Posts: Vamestudio 22, Posts: ZJPMay 1, Feb 24, Posts: C is a very powerful language but last time I used unity C wasn’t a part of it. Sure gameshudio could do some stuff in C but it was basically crippled because among other things missing for C in unity you can not program arrays unless that has changed with the latest version.

Arrays are used in all object oriented languages. Unity has basically been a Java only club. Developers who use 3DGS have developed commercial games that are on steam like Unity. Their community is not dead but from my experience on 3DGS community they are uneducated. That’s what I’ve encountered.

The demos and prefabs of 3DGS are old but who in their right mind is going to use Unity demos and demo models to make a game? In that area it excels.