The good news is that you could likely sell the FW and turn right around .. I miss my GDM-FW so bad, still the best monitor ever made. From my research the GDM-FW is still top dog after so many years. Perhaps when OLED monitors become more common with a hz. A GDM-FW in good condition (no dimming or distortion) is worth around $2,, USD. A new-old-stock unit is currently worth around.

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The sidebar is a summary.

: Sony GDM-FW Flat Widescreen 24″ FD Trinitron CRT Monitor: Computers & Accessories

Please see our full rules wiki page. Please see our full rules on self-promotion here. Discordand will be removed. Devs, want to advertise your game?

Applies to threads and comments. Keep posts on-topic and related to PC gaming. You’ll have better luck in specific game subs with that. Want to host a giveaway? Need a gmd program? Untagged spoilers will be removed until the poster fixes them to use the proper format. Deliberate posting of spoilers fdm warnings may constitute trolling under Rule 0. To use labeled spoilersyou can put a prefix before the word spoiler to add context like the following example:. With a maximum resolution of x, and weighing about lbs, this was probably the ultimate CRT display.

I’ve actually got one of these sitting in my closet. Hoping to get rid of it but it’s a bitch to ship. It’s gmd super great monitor, just doesn’t fit on my computer desk due to it being so deep.

If I didn’t live so far away, I’d take it right out of your hands! The shipping fee alone would kill me though, hehe. Customs always slams me when I ship to Canada from the U.

I even fw90 the “gift” trick but they know somehow. So why don’t you use it anyway, no room for it? If the reviews I’ve read are correct, it’s a terrific display, it’s such a waste to keep it unused! I’m in an apartment and my tw900 desk I made wouldn’t fit rw900. This one looks like it should support it pretty well! The monitor is precisely I had a hell of a time offloading my 21″ Trinitrons due to their size, weight, and non-LCDness.

Sony GDM-FW900 CRT Monitor

I actually finally got a buyer because I brought one to a LAN and let people see first hand how much better twitchy FPS games were with no input lag and zero response time. Yea this one rules for FPS games but I’m not into those much anymore. It’s been at least half a decade since I’ve competed with Counterstrike.

There are a few of us. Now 27″ x Hz IPS panels are the hot-thing to get. The good news is that you could likely sell the FW and turn right around to buy one if you wanted to. Depending on the manufacturer of the PCB, there is only a very little amount of input lag. This is the reason why certain Hz manufactures only offer a single DVI port.


Adding any additional options only increases polling times and thus input lag. Scribby over at Overlordcomputer ex-co-founder of hz. LCD panels have come a long way over the last 2 years. Nvidia’s G-Sync hopes to capitalize on this. Could you point me toward a good Hz fa900 It is also 27″ p and can overclock up to Hz.

I have owned an XOC and I was not impressed to be fair the backlighting was damaged a bit fw9900 shipping, but the colors were just terrible and I also wasn’t a fan of the glossy screenbut the owner of the company is a nice guy and gave me a deserved refund.

Lemme know if you need any more help and I can try to answer your questions or point you to the right places. I need to upgrade monitors but shy away from IPS and the like. Competitive FPS using the word competetive loosely is what I’d be aiming for, but it sounds like TN monitors are more appropriate for that? I mean unless you intend to play in paid leagues for CS: GO, but “paid” is a stretch.

I’ll probably go with the PLS like you mentioned. I guess it depends on just how much of a cutting edge you want There’s no doubt you’ll have more motion clarity less motion blur using a Hz TN panel. I’d also weigh whether or not you use your computer for a lot of general work and stuff. Calling it Samsung’s version of IPS is flat out wrong as it is a completely different technology. If anything, it is the new version of VA panel tech dgm by Samsung which is what most LCD tv use because of the better contrast.

Their is no native Hz p display yet. Fw900 all require a little bit of work to setup 5mins max. Although that may change with the release of Nvidia’s G-Sync if panel manufactures stop messing with p and move on to p a whopping 1. It’s a great panel but one of my friends cannot get past Hz without issue, he was hoping for that magic but unnecessary Hz. I have tried and on my panel and Gm personally couldn’t distinguish a difference in that 10Hz range.

I will admit fa900 I keep mine at Hz though. Yeah, gddm he was using Gd panels when he had that Hz setup, they weren’t as good as the LG panels at the time. To this day it varies depending on the panel type. You have to turn anti-aliasing up so fw00 to make up for the jaggies that it kills performance making it damn near impossible gdmm hit FPS to run in a 1: And there I bought a 27″ x IPS a month ago I don’t have a too great vision so the lower PPI count vw900 great as I have a bigass desk, it just feels great.

If you can’t bench lbs even if you’ve never done a push-up in your life you should just kill yourself. If I’m not wrong about the brand, I think I’ve saw a photo of Carmack on the early years of ID Software programming using two of these monitors. I don’t think it’s the same display, probably a Viewsonic or a NEC monitor, but still pretty damn big at the time, hehe.


Done some googling around and found it!

He’s always on the bleeding edge of technology My guess is that, if he was coding on a p display back in ’95, he must be using an 8K display by now!

Carmack runs 2 30″ Dell monitors nowhehe. If you have the time, watch Carmack’s QuakeCon talks.

May get a bit confusing if you’re not into his world, but it’s awesome. At the last one, he actually talks a lot about what he’s been doing with Oculus and about refresh rate issues fww900 almost always mention ID’s early years and he spending thousands of dollars on a couple of CRT monitors.

Actually it’s because that’s the format you get from puttin to sheets of paper next to eachother.

Technical Details

It’s for text editing originally. I don’t get the downvotes.

It’s a legitimate question. It’s not like someone’s making a value statement here. They wouldn’t do Hell, in we were field-testing the broadcast system we’re now using today. Before the widespread use of “widescreen” displays computers and TVs both shared an aspect ratio: So the question is, when Saying that because it was used in television makes no sense. That’s like if I asked you why you chose pizza instead of spaghetti and your answer was that your friend Bob like bubble gum.

And I have no issue with If that became the standard I’d be fine, as it is efficient for most desks and living rooms, but I feel like It’s performing significantly better than I’d expect for an integrated combo, but I have been out of the desktop game for a while.

I’m running 8GB clocked at 1. I’m not going to lie, it’s a low-end setup, but budget with growth potential was the goal.

There is less horizontal real estate though. Not that I think you’re wrong or anything, but it is just a ratio. I almost got a That might be why it wasn’t called 7: But I would probably agree that I’m not sure if this was the original mindset, but On my PC I run a x monitor and a x monitor, Fw90 had dual x displays for about a week, and I got really annoyed with how little I could fit vertically compared to horizontally that I switched back to my lower resolution monitors, and x monitors aren’t cheap.

I’ve got one sitting in my parents basement sill. It will cost almost as much to ship as I could get for it.