WK4. WORLD. KEYBOARD. N. G. 3. +. L. S. 7. Opening & Keyboard Disassembling Instructions. Assembly & Wiring Connections. Block Diagram, Midi. log onto there you can download instruction The wk4 operating manual is the one you require its the same as wk4.

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Table of contents Important Safety Instructions Table Of Contents Rear Panel Connections Play With The Styles The Functions Of The Styles Select A Style Performance Selecting The Arrange Mode Options Changing The Split Point The Digital Signal Processor dsp Full Keyboard Mode Save To The Current Performance Save To A Different Performance Restoring The Original Performance Settings Load The Demo Song Playback The Demo Mamuale Display Song Lyrics Record Gemm Song quick Rec.


Play Songs Using Jukebox The Save Procedure Restoring The Songs Memory The Midi Channels The Midi Configuration The Computer Port General Disk Handling Information Create A Preload List The Preload Functions About Standard Midi Files Play View” Parameters Play View Soft Buttons Jukebox Soft Buttons Recording A Song The Record Method User Style Recording Local On,local Off The Switch Pedal Functions The Continuous Pedal Functions Edit Perf Sound Edit Sound Patch Lfo low Frequency Ocillator Saving Your Samples Sample Midi Dump System Realtime Messages Midi Implementation Chart A Select And Play The Performances Transposing Tracks By Octaves Don’t have an account?