22 nov. LUCIVÂNIO, Jatobá.; LINS, Raquel Caldas – Introdução à Geomorfologia. Recife: Bagaço, PENTEADO, Margarida Maria E. Fluvial processes in river engineering. Wiley, New York, pp. CSIRO, Land Research Series, 1. Christofoletti, A., Geomorfologia fluvial. vol. 1, o canal . Teoretica Rio Claro 6(11/12), 67 (b) Christofoletti, A.: Geomorfologia Univ. São Paulo 51, 1 () Ciet, 87, () Dingman, S.L.: Fluvial hydrology.

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The extension of the main channel of ,72 km flowing from south to north forming a pattern of rectangular drainage controlled by structures in the volcanic rocks substratum.

Such changes may be associated with many factors, such as i the outfall christofiletti tributaries with high flow, ii changes in the lithological resistance and iii neotectonic activity. The crossing of information using the decision tree with the parameters of altitude, slope, curvature profile and plan identified 12 representative units in the basin.

Due to these conditions, the Moeda syncline is a highly appropriate area for studies of landform evolution and river capture.

The main tributaries are: The classification of the slopes plan, in a GIS environment is analyzed according to its frequency histogram that indicates the value of that curve. The Rio do Peixe valley flows east in its upper course, changing abruptly to a N-S cluvial in the upper-middle course. On the right, the location of the water gaps where the drainage basins flow to the Rio das Velhas. Influence of dynamic channel adjustment. A new procedure for gridding elevation and stream line data with automatic removal of spurious pits.

Due to the great lithostratigraphic variability of the Moeda syncline, it is possible that a number of the 1st-order anomalies, which are generally related to knickpoints MOLIN et al.


Christofoletti, Antônio [WorldCat Identities]

The hypothesis of river captures sensu strictu is consistent with the greater dissection by and energy of capturing streams, primarily in the absence of structural lineaments required for tilting near the drainage divides.

Variability in erosion rates related to the state of landscape transience in the semi-arid Chilean Andes. Boyce discolors his restless.

Journal of Geology 64, Moreover, the probability that these two watersheds have different drainage densities is approximately Mieprofil pdf geomorfologia download christofoletti fluvial.

The Moeda syncline, located in the highlands of the Iron Quadrangle mountains SE Brazilis a setting of curistofoletti inversion and drainage reorganization. The Journal of Geology 12, 4, Geographical Journal 5, Morphological and morphometric analyses were carried out on GIS environment. It is affected by NW-SE strike-slip faults with sinistral and dextral displacements of hundreds of meters. As these events occurred, the fluvial channels in the middle and lower courses likely migrated preferentially to the east, the groundwater in the upper course was pirated and portions of the Rio do Peixe watershed were beheaded.

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 32, To verify the influence of the mentioned causal variables tributaries, neotectonics and lithologythe anomaly criteria proposed by Seeber and Gornitz were used. geommorfologia

They occur mainly in the middle slope toward the top, occupying the upper third of the slope. This unit occurs in an area of The transverse topographic symmetry factor T indicates the presence of the main river channels’ preferred migration in the two analyzed watersheds Tables 6 and 7; Fig.

Thus, the correspondence between the knickzone areas and the morphological pattern described above is evidence of various evolutionary stages and of upward propagation of a wave of incision in the Moeda syncline.


These sub-basins are generally distributed across the entire basin, decreasing only in the middle course.

Geological Survey Professional Paper A The first parameter used considered the amplitude variations presented by the basin due to the distribution of the frequency histogram, where the overall average of altimetries was considered, corresponding to meters that divided the slopes located in high and low altitude. Digital terrain analysis, chapter 1. The directional changes and fluvial channel elbows in the two main drainage basins underlain by the Moeda syncline exhibit distinct patterns and most likely have distinct causes.

Along the west edge of the syncline, the Precambrian tectonic strains generated the inverse reactivation of the originally normal faults of the Moeda-Bonfim shear zone GOMES et geomorgologia.

Earth-Science Reviews 67, On digital soil mapping. However, these anomalies are distributed differently in the two investigated watersheds.

Geomorfologia fluvial christofoletti download

Soil attribute prediction using terrain analysis. In both cases, tectonic explanations for the channel migrations to the east complement the hypothesis of the capture by christofolethi Rio das Velhas.

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 22, Boletim Mineiro de Geografia 10, 11, p. The national water resources policy through the christoflletti 9.

The Rio do Peixe has the highest mean vector T and the lowest significance level p than its tributaries. Hydrological Processesv.