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Essentially etankov happened in May and continues this month of June is the complete phase transformation or shift of the subatomic quantum structure of this holographic model away from the old dense, predominantly electric structure through the full implementation of the conditions of superconductivity. These are the operational constructs of the now-dying reality. Evolution is the ability to be flexible and gergi the course at the right moment. Children’s Participation and Playground Design.

The PATsters are consistently reporting such extreme cleansing and this really triggers my sense of compassion for each and every one of them as I myself have also been challenged while stankog to these waves. As I wrote in the last few days to several PAT members, we have just left the consensual reality of this matrix.

Georgi Stankov » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

And yet we must bear in mind that electricity is indeed a manifestation of the progressing densification of this holographic model to lower frequencies. Virtual life substitutes real life.

Does the Source of All-That-Is have a message of relevance to the Ascension process of this Earth in this space-time continuum on this timeline on which I find myself in human shape? The actual ascension scenario is presented from minute 17th where June 20th is confirmed as the initiation of this final transformation wave that will peak in the course of this summer.

Georgi Stankov –

Now I need to fully attune to the new theory of the Universal Law and hope to get some more information from my HS and Source in this respect. Chiarimenti e aggiornamenti Voglio un momento evidenziare che fra questi gruppi che ho appena menzionato si trovano tanti differenti livelli di avanzamento. Needless to say this process of transformation affects also all the other creationary expressions on this planet such as animals, plants and other subsystems.

The author sees children as competent agents who can make decisions and be involved in the creation and Indeed they can be manifested any time but this will happen first when humanity has reached the threshold of maximal awakening to trigger this event as most of the people will experience it in a negative way and they should have released their fears sufficiently enough before that as not to develop even more fears and succumb to the plans of the dark cabal but go through this fearwall like through a firewall and emerge purified on the other side.


The messages of Astraea et Amora tried to shed some more light onto this linguistic and epistemological confusion among scientists with regard to electricity and magnetism.

Georgi Stankov

I have dreamt of codes in the sky several times too! And there is no other more truthful presentation of human ideas than the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law, with the help of which even such an intricate and inconceivable phenomenon as the planetary ascension of Gaia and humanity can be presented in an immaculate and logical manner without any inner inconsistencies and discrepancies as the two messages of April from December and now demonstrate in a perfect manner.

For instance, all molecules in matter have a dipole moment with a positive and a negative pole.

Let go of these energies — let them go through dedicated breathwork and their conscious release into a ball of golden-violet light, of infinite capacity, to be returned to the Central Sun for balancing and reunification with All. Remember the holy triad of creation? This is the perfect storm and within this storm you shall find the counter-balance and in fact you shall create the counter-balance.

Now I expect that many people will awaken one georggi morning with bright thoughts and clear minds and will see all of a sudden the darkness of this reality. Somit wird dieses Video ebenfalls sehr bald Geschichte machen.

A bluewhite star appeared in my heart. All of you have noticed the anger and resentment, the frustration and exasperation, of a planet gone mad from emotional imbalance, lack of rationality and the force of the unclear mind. Involving Children and Parents in Playground Design: Volume of Scientific Reports”. When I published these messages, I commented on this topic but I must reiterate it one more time here for the sake of clarity as the PAT must be fully aware what to expect in the coming days and why it will happen this way.

Evolutionssprung der Menschheit New Gnosis: Dear Georgi, I confirm transformation activities from June 2 til June 13, and going on. Georgi Stankov, November 28, www.

This forecast applies to the third and biggest wave of humans who are bound to awaken in the course of these massive cosmic waves and experience their Armageddon when the electric networks collapse worldwide as to finally awaken to their core essence as immortal soul beings. In fact it is very feorgi to imagine — the financial system will not collapse because banks are broke or governments cannot repay their gargantuan sovereign debt, as long as any conceivable sum of money can be electronically generated with a click on the computer as the former Fed chief Ben Bernanke boasted in front of the senate.


The most notable advancement is the widespread availability of full-immersion virtual reality installations, which allow people from all walks of life to access an online world, called stankovv the Net … a future society where virtual worlds are fully integrated into everyday life … the story winds through alternate interpretations of many classical literary works such as Through the Looking-GlassThe Odyssey and The IliadGeofgi War of the Worldsand The Wizard of Ozwhich are available as entertainment simulations within the series.

The shift from 4D to 5D is the ultimate act of liberation from self-imposed limitations gekrgi full energetic liberation that will eliminate the current restrictions of gravitation, linear space and time based on the finite speed of light, which are illusions we as souls have deliberately created in the current incarnation experiment in order to experience the artificial condition of not being sovereign creator beings, which is the normal state of existence throughout the multiverse from the 5D and beyond:.

A New Spiritual Paradigm: Der Arkturianische Rat aus der 9. June July 3, Closing the Ranks Share this: The key stones of the existing world control security architecture are falling out almost by themselves and are being removed one by one as they are not in accordance with the changed and changing energetic conditions of the new space-time-continuum.

Either way, this new message seems clear, once again, let go of control, focus on the inner work, and allow the process to occur as it will. The consensual reality began to churn and froth some time ago and now the energies of all the lowest vibrations are thrown about your fields as never before.