Germany and England [Nesta H. Webster] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Computer enhanced reprint of the edition. Germany and England is a little known pamphlet By Nesta Webster, The small book is about Germany under National Socialism, and specifically it’s. Germany and England has 2 ratings and 0 reviews. Germany and England is a little known pamphlet By Nesta Webster, The small book.

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If anything more were needed to show the fearful danger the Jewish question presents it gdrmany the suggestion that the treatment of the Jews in Germany should be made the reason for destroying the peace and for launching a world war involving the sacrifice of millions of lives and untold suffering to the human race.

Identify in sufficient detail the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed upon for example, “The copyrighted work gfrmany issue is the image that appears on http: I have been in both countries long ago, and during the week I spent in China I saw cruelty such as I shall never forget all my life. Can the Gestapo, or secret police of Germany, in any way compare with this?

Germany and England by Nesta Webster – Chapter 3

It is one thing to write and talk of the beauties of Socialism, it is quite another to have to buy a cheaper make of car because some people are starving. First Second Third Fourth. No-one in Germany wishes to threaten her and we are ready to do anything in order to prove this to her.

England of is not the England of because she is no longer controlled by Britons. For in reality Czechoslovakia enlisted the sympathies of the secret promoters of world revolution merely as a dependency of Soviet Russia, with whom she had made a Pact of Mutual Assistance on May 16,and had entered into very cordial relations. Again, in the matter of air-raid shelters, of the evacuation of London and the billeting arrangements, orders were issued with the harshness of a Prussian drill sergeant – more than this, with a sort of gloating malevolence as if satisfaction was felt in official quarters at the power to inflict as much inconvenience and misery as possible on the British people.

But now we find that over half a million Jews were still living on in Germany, some in the greatest prosperity, owning a number of the finest and largest shops in the Kurfurstendamm the Piccadilly of Berlin, as one paper explains and many synagogues. Do not suppose I come as an anti-Semite since I am a Jew in the marrow of abd bones. Nesra enclose cutting of a letter which the supineness of the H. True Socialism means sacrifice, self-denial in the common sense”.


Christian era it is also the one officially adopted by Judaism. Yet never has war been prepared on so gigantic a scale.

Log in to rate this item. Its principles are a system built up on Trade Unions of organised labour on the one part, and Capitalism on the other, and its object is to promote peaceful relations between the two. Yet throughout all this period up to the outbreak of the Great War, and again during the years that followed, Germany was regarded with particular sympathy not only by our Socialists, Pacifists and intelligentsia, but also by the Jews themselves. But there are those who know. Already the Jews can make or break the career of any man as they please.

This was received with sympathy by the audience, a member of which rose at the end of the address and said: Views Read Edit View history. Webster relates in this book. Then, amidst all the grief and tragedy, there gleamed the glorious spirit of patriotism, of ardent desire on the part of all who stood for England to do their bit in the great conflict.

Lists Articles Feminists by nationality Literature American feminist literature Feminist comic books. That this is still the plan of modern Judaism was confirmed to me in websger conversation I once had with a young Jew who asked me for an interview.

Germany and England

The man had not the vaguest idea! And in the present state of the world, when new combinations arise daily, it is absolutely necessary for Britain to bring her armaments up to full strength.

If someone believes in good faith that a Lulu Account Holder has infringed their copyright, they can request that we take down the infringing material by filing a DMCA Notice. June 11, June 1 1, October 28, If they were really so, if Germany were to launch a war of aggression against us or against France, or if any other Power were to attack us, British patriots would be found as united as inready to fight whatever the cost might be.


Quite hard to find.

Germany and England by Nesta H. Webster

When she became an adult, she travelled around the world, visiting IndiaBurmaSingapore, and Japan. No one condemned the Jews more severely than did Christ, and one wonders, if He came to earth to-day, how many professing Christians would be willing to receive Him; too often their sympathies are with the money-changers rather than with Him who drove them out. I had a lot to do in the last war with billeting large bodies of troops, and also disposing of refugees – and one thing I learned was that to dump swarms of undisciplined strangers on ordinary inhabitants and just tell the latter to carry on is germaany last thing to be done.

Der Sieg des Glaubens Tag der Freiheit: The surest way to promote anti-Semitism in Great Britain is to bring them over here; and the only way to check it is to prevent the inevitable clash which gedmany presence in large numbers would bring about. The campaign of hate against Hitler is calculated to do almost equal damage to Mr.

Nesta Helen Webster

The Lranco-Soviet Pact, deplored by all right thinking Lrenchmen, was really the beginning of all the trouble in Europe from onwards, for Germany, finding herself flanked on both sides by hostile Powers, one wholly and the other in part inflamed with hatred of Hitler as the opponent of Bolshevism, now started to re-arm openly.

It covers nearly all Eastern Europe with the exception of Soviet Russia where it is kept down by force.

If, after they had welcomed Mr. Would she have calmly endured seeing loyal Ulstermen oppressed and made to feel themselves a subject and inferior race? The only opinion to which I have committed myself is that, whether genuine or not, the Protocols do represent the programme of world revolution, and that in view of their prophetic nature and of their extraordinary resemblance to the protocols of certain secret societies in the past, they were either the work of some such society or of someone profoundly versed in websterr lore of secret societies who was able to an their ideas and phraseology.