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Started by LaProfa4 Mar Posted 4 Mar He gets Betreuungsgeld from the Gesundheitsamt to support his supervision at the Kindi. Between geestzentwurf Gesundheitsamt, Kindi and medical providers, I can’t seem to get a straight answer on his rights and the requirements on the Kindi.

I just want it in writing so I can sit down and carefully work my way through it, but I wouldn’t know where to start searching online for it. Hi LaProfa, I also yesetzentwurf a disabled child in kindergarten, but we live in Berlin.

I don’t know the particulars in BW, but these people should be able to help you with any questions you have:. Set up a a meeting with them and they surely will be able to explain the different options available to your child and what rights you have. Do I understand correctly that your child is going to a regulars kindergarten but is receiving Einzelintegration?

Or is it a Integrationskindergarten?

Abschied vom Betreuungsgeld – Bayern reformiert seine Familienförderung | Politik

Gemeinsames Lernen von Kindern mit und ohne Behinderung kommt voran. In der Mitte der Gesellschaft. Calibear, thanks for the link. Yes, our kid goes to regular kindi, but gets all the integration money.

His disability is not usually an issue because it’s medical, so he gsetzentwurf only needs extra help in an emergency or if his medical interventions lead to social problems. Seems similar to what we have here. In Berlin the Kindergarten receives extra funds for kids with integration status to either hire more teachers or reduce the number of kids while keeping on the same number of teachers.


Either way it frees up one on one time for special needs. They are using the helper they hired as a general aid and claiming that betreuungwgeld person is to take pressure off the staff, not to assist our child. Most of the time he doesn’t gesetzenttwurf assistance, but the funds are for him specifically, not to hire a general lackey. At the same time, they have complained about integration issues, while claiming that the guy they hired isn’t qualified to deal with them and also that they don’t have time to monitor our kid for social problems or injuries.

I suspect they just wanted the money so they could get an extra pair of hands. There were some mobbing issues I suspect partially because of the disability, and they refused to address them Posted 5 Mar That really doesn’t sound ideal.

At least it needs to be clarified exactly what issues beteruungsgeld child has that are tied to her disability and how they are planning to address them and it what time frame. I have no idea how it works with untrained Einzelfallhelfer in Kindergarten, but Betrekungsgeld know that at least for school children it is a common problem that the helper mutates into general classroom help and you need to address it with whoever is paying for the hours of that person.

My daughter attends a Integrationskindergarten where there has to be staff with special training and, like I said, they gesetzentwurt extra money to build up the staff to kids ratio. This doesn’t mean the special needs trained staff are supposed to only spend geesetzentwurf with my daughter and I wouldn’t want them tobut they do set time aside for special attention which here they need to file reports for. Otherwise the extra hours are generally there to give all the staff a little extra time to betreuungssgeld a helping hand or deal with extra issues.


It sounds like you have a much bigger problem with the general environment that at this delicate age could not possibly be addressed by an untrained helper person.


Maybe you need to look into a better situation for your kid instead of trying to reform this place that doesn’t seem to have an interest in supporting and guiding a kid with special needs? Good luck to betreuungsggeld.

I know it is no fun to navigate between wanting to find happiness and normalcy for yourself and your child and fighting to get the support the kid needs without additionally singling her out. From experience I have learned that sometimes it is best to retreat and asses a situation anew and sometimes make a drastic change to have a fresh start.

I have fired doctors and therapists over communication problems and feeling I was not being heard. You are the expert on your child and you need to speak for her.

I hope you can find the information you need and will be able to address all the issues soon. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. betreuuntsgeld

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