GEZE counts among the best worldwide for products, systems and services related to Powerdrive PL-FR Automatic linear sliding door system in escape and. GEZE Linear Sliding Door Powerdrive PL / PL-FR. The modern and “strong” automatic linear sliding door for a wide range of applications for both interiors and. The GEZE Powerdrive is optimally equipped for use in escape and rescue GEZE Powerdrive is the modern and “strong“ automatic linear sliding door system.

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There are numerous configurations, all based around the kit solution, allowing project-specific collaboration with installation companies. Everything you need is an internet-enabled mobile phone or smartphone with a built-in camera and a QR code reading software.

Powerdrive PL-HAT as a kit version With Powerdrive PL-HT, it is also a sophisticated mechanism that achieves low air permeability by lowering and pressing the door leaf pwerdrive the framework construction. Categories Civil Engineering Industrial Engineering. You may also be interested in.

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Sorry, but you have to be logged in to monitor a press release. Scanning of a QR code: Download press release as. Find your way to a press release without typing. QR stands for Quick Response – with one step you can quickly reach a website.

Geze Powerdrive PL roller carriage

Just follow these simple steps. QR codes work like bar codes, which you can find on your milk carton, for example. Electrical Engineering Feststellanlagen erweitern – komfortabel “per Funk” Self-learning Optimal convenience thanks to automatic learning of door behaviour to the access frequencies Can be networked and integrated into the building technology management systems via CAN bus Independent error recognition and protocolling Setting options for all movement parameters of the door Very quiet operating direct current drive; low-wear, maintenance free motor Integrated battery for emergency opening and closing in the event of a power failure Robust power supply with integrated all-pole mains switch and fuse Certified in accordance with DIN Combination with the GEZE SecuLogic access control system and building technology management systems.


The GC proximity switch offers contactless and hygienic manual activation. Automatic sliding door for areas with high hygiene requirements GEZE automatic sliding door systems, such as Powerdrive hermetic, open and close passage doors reliably to provide barrier-free access.

Further extra functions are available, including definable opening widths and hold-open times. This kit version, consisting of a drive kit and long materials, is also perfect for use in clinics and the high-tech, pharmaceutical, and the food and drink industries. The flush door design and special surface materials used prevent dirt from grze, and simplify hygienic cleaning.

The complete system — consisting of door leaves, automatic drive and the frame — is suitable for clinical areas, and is also perfect for clean rooms, sterilisation rooms and laboratories.

A software decrypts the QR code and directs you to a web page – so you do not even need to know the web address to reach it. A complete system for the most demanding requirements Subscribe to news.

The automatic components can be integrated into the building technology via the IO interface module and the GEZE Cockpit building automation system, while the door system is controlled via the BACnet communication standard.

Where necessary, different opening widths can be created for cleaning staff via a manual push button. Powerdrive hermetic automatic sliding door system: A complete system for the most demanding requirements press release.


The complete press kit of the company. What its a QR code? A complete system gee the most demanding requirements.

With opening widths optimised for hospital use nurse- cleaning- or bed openingthe ingress of foreign particles can be reduced and air exchange minimized. While the door powerdrrive completely when a hospital bed needs to be pushed through, it opens only half-way to allow a person through. Low-depth tracks reduce dirt residue and simplify hygiene gezze. Complete, automatic, tightly sealing linear sliding door system made of stainless steel for use in hermetically sealed areas, for example operating theatres in hospitals.

Please send the following information to my email address: Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials powerdrve or exchange rates. Keywords geze bacnet with dialysis cleaning seal powerdrive switch new clinical leaf door air project contactless.

Geze Powerdrive PL roller carriage

PresseBox LeonbergWhether in the operating theatre or on intensive care and dialysis wards: The varying opening widths help to reduce the penetration of foreign particles and minimise the exchange of air. The result is numerous solution scenarios which are optimal for use powwrdrive the high-tech, pharmaceutical or food and drink industries.

Use the QR code on the print version of a press release to get redirected to the corresponding page on PresseBox. They are controlled and secured by a combined detector.