View and Download SIEMENS Gigaset AS user giude online. Gigaset AS Telephone Accessories pdf manual download. Also for: Gigaset as AS28H Handset / Israel EN / AMBVU19 You are helping to protect the environment with your Gigaset AS28H. Reduced. Hier können sie die Bedienungsanleitung des Gigaset AS Duo ansehen. Dieser Service Haben Sie eine Frage über “Gigaset AS Duo”? Im Falle einer.

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Anrufer ist nicht mehr im Display angezeigt. Was habe ich hier verstellt?

Eingereicht am Anrufer im Display nicht mehr vorhanden. Ws habe ich hier verstellt Eingereicht am Libble nimmt den Missbrauch seiner Bedienungsanleifung sehr ernst.

Englisch als Anhang in Ihrer E-Mail. Geben Sie bitte Ihre Email-Adresse ein.

Erhalten Sie per E-Mail Teilen: Emergency numbers cannot be d ialled if the keypad lock. Not all of the functions describe d in this user guide are avail.


Wipe the base st ation, charging cradle and. Never use a dr y cloth.

This can cause static. If the handset has come into contact with. Switch off the handset and remo ve the.

SIEMENS Gigaset AS28H User Giude

Allow the liquid to drain from the handset. Pa t all par ts dr ythen place the handset with. When it has fully dried ou t, you will normally be.

Read this user guide and the safety precautions car efully. Explain their content an d the potential ha zards. Only use the mains adapter su pplied. Fit only the recommendedrechargeable. The operation of medical app liances may be. Be a ware of the tec hnical c onditions. Bedienyngsanleitung not hold the rear of the handset to your ear.

Siemens Gigaset AS Bedienungsanleitung

Other wise you risk seri ous and. The handset may cause an unple asant humming. Do not install the phone in a bathroom or shower. The handset and base station are not. Obser ve the loc al waste dis. All electri cal and electronic equipmen t must b e.


The appropriate disposal and separate collection. The y are a. For further information on disposing of your used. Under power failure conditions, this telephone may not. Please ensu re that a separate teleph one, not.

Y o u are helping t o protect the environment with. Y o ur telephone has a po wer-sa ving adapter plug. Reduced transmission pow er.

SIEMENS Gigaset AS280 User Giude

The handset’s transmission power is reduced. Y o u can reduce the transmission power of the. Press and ho ld the ta lk key. Y ou will hear the. Stellen Sie Ihre Frage. Forenregeln Um zu sinnvolle Fragen zu kommen ggigaset Sie sich bitte an folgende Spielregeln: Das Handbuch wird per E-Mail gesendet.